So training for Ironman has officially begun. Well it really never stopped from last year but it has now REALLY started. There is no short in group workouts to attend and to be honest if these didn’t happen I would not be where I am at in my training. Each week is packed full of workouts and it has been fun trying to juggle it all. I know it is going to get more difficult but that is one of the MANY challenges I enjoy about triathlons and training.

As the weather begins to warm up my workout schedule will be altered a bit but right now it is go go go. It is fun and really wouldn’t want it any other way. Quick review:

Monday: 1.5 hr Ride*
Tuesday: 1.5 hr Swim*
Wednesday: 1-1.5 hr Ride*
Thursday: 1 hr Run*
Friday: 1.5 hr Swim*
Saturday: 2.5 hr Ride w/ 20-30 min. Run*
Sunday: 1.5 hr Swim w/ 1 hr Run*

*Tri-Fusion Group Workout (I freakin love this club)

Once I can get outside the schedule is going to change with having Monday off to do whatever I want and I have a feeling it will be to SLEEP:)

I know to some this may be crazy while others completely understand but to me it all makes sense and honestly I can’t wait until the next workout. There may be times when I don't get excited about a workout but after each and every workout, I DO NOT REGRET IT. But I guess if you really want to become an IRONMAN then this is what it takes.

Here are a few pictures from some of the workouts.

Headlamp Run:

Downtown Headlamp Run #2-We are tough pose!

Downtown Headlamp Run #2- Not sure pose!

Downtown Headlamp Run #2- Breaking into Tiffany's car

After trying to hook the latch on the passenger's side SUCCESSFULLY, Tiffany informed us that only the driver's side opens that way. So we moved to the other side and after a few attempts freed the keys and was able to finally get warm.


Sunday Master's Swim: Pretty big group!

Sunday Master's Swim: Tiffany's underwater camera!

Rides: Well I can't really call these rides since we are not outside but because of the weather, these are the last best thing.

Saturday Morning BAT's: In the Thompson Sweat Lodge!

Saturday Morning BAT's: Just put on some music and start pedaling.

Heres to everyone who has hosted a workout, woke up early on the weekend to come to a workout or just made it happen and got the workout done. You all inspire me and help make each workout unique and fun. There will be plenty more, can't wait to see you there.