Spokane Triathlon 2009- Race Report

The greatest part of this race is that it is 15 minutes from my house. You get to sleep in your own bed or couch, I will get to that later. Since I was unable to race Titanium Man, I signed up for the Spokane Triathlon at the beginning of the week and was excited to be racing again. It had been over a month since CDA Tri and I was itching to try out my new bike. Ohh yeah, in the last month my bike was stolen out of my garage and after a few weeks of waiting Fitness Fanatics hooked me up with a brand new Scott Plasma. The bike is absolutely awesome and I couldn't wait to get out and race my new steed.

With yet another sleepless night before a race, I moved to the couch downstairs and found the cooler temperatures much better. It has been unseasonable warm for this time of year and after the warm night, I was trying to prepare for another warm race...

After loading up, I was out the door shortly at 4:45am and was the first athlete in the transition area...I think. It was DARK. Not like your typical night walking around the neighborhood but pitch black. I could barely see the road I was walking down after dropping off my truck. If it wasn't for the moonlight I would probably ended walking straight into the river.

Transition Area

Setting up transition wasn't really an option, so much of the time was spent chit chatting with friends and making shadow puppets in our only source of light, a pickup truck. It was actually pretty fun but soon the sun started to come up and it was time to get focused on the race and get ready to go.

After a quick ride and realizing it was going to be a COLD ride, I was fantically looking for some gloves and even contiplated using socks. Eventually the triathlete in me, realized that this could cost me like 3 seconds in transition and that is just not an option. So with my wetsuit on, it was time to head down to the river and get a quick warmup in before the start of the race.

Since I thought the air was so cold, the water would warm...WRONG!!! I was freezing. I am pretty sure CDA Ironman was warmer than the river swim today. Eventually the horn went off, my hands and feet went numb and it was race time.

Men's Heat Ready to Go

And we are OFF!
The swim went pretty good considering the unique fact that you are swimming up stream on the way out and down stream on the way back. The river was very shallow and at one point I grabbed a larger boulder that was about 12 inches under water. Is that considered outside assistance?

Exiting the Swim!

Swim Time: 23:08

Getting on the bike via a Flying Mount!

Now it was time to see if my new bike was ready for me. My goal, just like in the last race was to go hard the entire race. After entering transition the Greg Gallagher, we played leap frog for the next hour which was actually pretty cool. I haven't been in position during a race where you get to go back and forth with pretty good riders and I really enjoyed this part of the race. Don't get me wrong it was not exactly comfortable trying to push so hard but I was glad to see the new bike was as ready as I was.

Made it back. Woo Hoo!!!

Bike Time: 1:05:49

Getting my Shoes on. Was a bit difficult because of my frozen feet.

OK, Time to go!

Heading out on the Run. After having to cross the timing mat TWICE!!!

It was now off to the run. This portion of the race is quickly becoming my weakest link. It is not that I am slow but because of the time and effort I have put into the swim and bike portions, I am surrounded by some pretty good athletes who all happen to be damn fast runners. I think the few run races I will do to end the season and good commitment over the winter will really help me increase my speed and just maybe hang in there next year. This was definitely not my fastest run of the year and I began to fall apart near the end but overall it was a pretty good experience.
Coming into the finish!

Run Time: 43:34

The run might have been a bit long since this was one of my slower 10k's but I can definitely say this was not my fastest.

Overall Time: 2:13:40: 12 OA, 3rd AG

It was fun to race the inagural Spokane Triathlon and may just have to sign up again next year.

Until next time...