Winter Training- Mind Confusion

We have had just a little bit of snow this year :)
When the snow is piled high and the temperatures drop, training in the Pacific Northwest can become difficult. Throw in the fact that it is the off-season and it becomes a perfect storm for sitting on the couch watching TV and enjoying a few adult beverages to pass the time away.

Well I have found a way to trick the mind into thinking things are much cooler than they actually appear. Most of you have probably heard of muscle confusion where you try many different techniques to get many of the same results, basically keeping the body guessing...

Watch out Arnold...
 My new method is mind confusion. So when it is dark outside and the temperatures are freezing, who wants to go to the gym and lift weights...definitely not I, but when it becomes "Ninja Training" now this seems awesome and who wouldn't want to become a better Ninja.

For the last month or so, Eric and I have been hitting the gym twice a week to do circuit training...aka Ninja Training to build some extra strength and get those muscles stronger for next year. It is a great change of pace from all the swimming, biking and running and well in the end we might actually have a beach muscle or two :)

Just keep swimming...
 Our next trick to mind confusion is "S.E.A.L. Training". Now since I am still a triathlete and... well swimming is all about muscle memory and technique, I still need to get to the pool, even if it is the very last thing I want to do. So instead of going to the pool knowing that I will be staring at the black line over and over again...the new plan is to treat it as S.E.A.L. Training.

And because the Navy Seals are pretty damn badass in my book. I fools me just enough to put on the spandex and stay focused for just long enough to get in an almost quality workout.

Finally cleaned of the inch or so of dust and got all set up.
Since the roads are either covered with Ice or Snow or Slush or well all of the above...the only really way to ride your bike is on the trainer. Now I have pretty much failed at this over the last couple of months but with the new year coming quickly, it is time to get my butt in gear.

So yes, we have come up with a way to confuse the mind on this one too. It is called "Lancing". Since the most badasstic cyclist of all-time is Lance Armstrong...you wouldn't want to be able to ride like Lance...or even 10% as well as him... or maybe even as good as his left foot.

As for running...I still haven't figured out a way to confuse myself enough. With a goal of becoming a better runner this year, it is talking absolutely all the mental strength I can muster to run. Lately, I have even been jumping on the treadmill (I know...I might be going a little insane) after Ninja Training, in hopes that I might still be in Ninja mode and will be able to suffer through it for a little bit.

So at this point I am sending out an all call for people who want to run. I am a sucker for running partners, since I know I won't have to suffer alone. Honestly, any pace and all paces are welcome. Right now I just need to get out there and RUN!!!

What are you tricks of the trade so to speak? Are you awesome enough to be able to get out and do all these workouts or do you have to try your own sort of mind confusion?