Finally Back At It...Ohh yeah and fishnet shirts ROCK!

The week ended on a great note. I was able to finally get some workouts in as I think I am over bronchitis. Thursday after work, I jumped on the bike as Eric and I headed out for a nice 1-hour ride. I was by no means back to 100% but it was sure nice to actually ride and not feel like I was going die. I am happy to report that I left no lungs out on the road.

In an effort to really push the boundaries, I decided getting out for another ride on Friday would probably be better than getting in the pool or going for a run. I just felt it was a little less taxing on my cardiovascular system and with some great company, Jessi and I had a great 1.5 hr ride. I am pretty sure my body was freaking out since I hadn't really done anything over the past two weeks but what the heck, go big or go home. This big break in training is not my idea of how to get ready for Ironman but it was better to rest up and come back with a vengeance.

Friday night was a chance to celebrate Rory Buck's awesome races at Nationals the weekend before. He finished 3rd in the 100 Breaststroke and 2nd in the 200 Breaststroke...the 'Byrd Family' was cheering loud from a couple thousand miles away but was excited to celebrate upon his return.

Heading out on the town.

Waking up Saturday morning was TOUGH...apparently alcoholic beverages and the idea of a long ride don't mix well. Though the fun of Friday night made it worth the headache, it was a struggle to get motivated. Also, I was not quite sure how my body was going to react to the 3+ hour ride...boy was I in for a treat.

Meeting up with the group at Arbor Crest.

Now this is where the ride got interesting to say the least. So we are riding out the centennial trail. With a group of 8 riders, we have to ride in groups of two side by side just to make sure we give room to pass all the families and other people using the trail on such a beautiful day.

So we are out somewhere between the Spokane Valley and the state line and are approaching a small family of three. Just like when passing all the other people, I try to keep a close eye on them to make sure they see us coming so we don't end up with a collision. Except for this time, I will have to say it was VERY easy to keep my eye on them as the chick was wearing a mesh shirt.

Now this isn't your typical see-through shirt that you think you can maybe see something but not quite sure...this was a fishnet shirt. On top of that, she was where only this fishnet shirt. NOTHING ELSE. The twins were out to play and when you have a group of guys...you can only imagine the reaction. (Sorry no pics)

As the internal conversation began with me telling myself, there is no way she was actually be wearing that, it was almost comical that she could actually think that was a good idea. Now do remember that it is still March here and the temperature was maybe hovering in the mid 50's. BRRRR!

Though I think it is completely inappropriate for her to wear such clothing on a public trail where so many families come to enjoy their day...it was the highlight of the ride. The endless conversations, trying to figure out if there was any way we could somehow circle around again and seeing if anyone besides Jessi could remember what she actually looked like made the rest of the ride too much fun.

Chilling out in Liberty Lake.

It was such a great ride and SO nice to finally be back at it. I had spent way to much time in front of the TV and to just have the opportunity to get outside and finally be working out again, sure makes life that much more fun.

One a brief side note, this weekend also brought the 3 month countdown to Ironman. If I said I was as scared as I was last year I would be lying...to say that I am not freaking out about how close it is getting, I would also be lying. The journey is just beginning and it is going to be one heck of a ride. I can't wait and look forward to pushing the limits once again.

Until next time...


The New Old Steed!!!

Being sick SUCKS!!! I am now finishing up a week where my only workout was a 1 hr ride, which in hindsight turned out to be a bad idea. The only good thing about being sick was that it my bike was in the shop so I couldn't ride it anyways.

Sitting at bike shop hearing my bike is broken...definitely not a highlight of my day.

Like I mentioned in my last post, during my long ride on Saturday, I was having some serious issues with my front derailleur. The mechanic at Wheel Sport North noticed the bracket that holds my derailleur was loose. On any other bike I have owned I would have tried to fix it myself...not this baby.

That is the small little bracket that came loose.

One Monday, I stopped by Fitness Fanatics, where I bought it, and asked them what I should do. They told me they would call Scott and get back to me as soon as they had some information. Not really knowing what was going to happen, I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would be covered under the warranty or at least there would be an easy fix.

About an hour later, I received a call from Jon at the store, letting me know they had contacted Scott and a new frame set was being sent out...WHAT? Yeah, apparently this has happened to a few other bikes and Scott's solution was to send out a brand new frame. SAHWEET!!! They mentioned that if they had one in the US, it could take about a week, if not they were going to have to order it from Europe and could take 2-3 weeks. Still a small price to pay to get a new bike that is working properly.

So fast forward to Thursday night, and I get a call letting me know my bike is READY! I asked...ready to be switched over when the new frame arrived? Nope, like we have already switched everything over and you are good to go. SERIOUSLY...that is freaking awesome. In just 3 days I had my new bike and it was ready to come home. Now I know not everything can move this fast, but it was pretty awesome for the people at Fitness Fanatics to get it turned around so quick.

Here is my new/old bike...Only the frame and front fork are new but that is good enough for me.

Once I get over this damn Bronchitis, I can't wait to get out take my first ride on the new bike. Something I was preparing to take up to 3 weeks only took 3 days. Now if I could get over being sick this fast...all in the world would be right:)

Once again, I want to send a special thanks to Fitness Fanatics for helping me and getting this issue solved so fast. You guys rock!!!

Until next time...



This week has been HORRIBLE. After my long run on Sunday, the small cough I had been battling was in full attack mode; let’s call it Operation Hack a Lung. My body was still feeling pretty good but I just couldn’t shake this damn cough. As Monday rolled around, swimming was the last thing on my mind and I figured it would help me recover to take the day off...It’s just one day right, no worries. When you are in the thick of Ironman training, you really don’t want to skip to many (if any) workouts. But I don't get sick so I wasn't too worried.

As I struggled through work on Tuesday, I had a sneaking inclination that I wasn’t going to be getting my workout in today either. That’s ok though, it is only two workouts and with Wednesday only having a swim, I thought I was in the clear...since I don't get sick.

Say G'BYE to Wednesday, with another evening spent on the couch and now three days in a row without doing anything. I think the last time I did that was the week after Ironman...This is NOT good but since I don't get sick I should have been fine.

I think I spent the entire day Thursday, telling myself that I wasn't getting sick because by the time I got home after work, I was going on a ride no matter what. Though mentally, I was able to trick myself into thinking this was a good idea, shortly into the ride, physically, it was a completely different story. I struggled to keep up, my legs had all but disappeared and I was coughing up a lung every two minutes. I wish I could say I enjoyed the ride but the only thing that was nice, was actually getting outside. The rest was well, pretty bad. It was all I could do to get home and back in bed...

This brings us to Friday and the day I thought I was seeing the light...

Here is a short medical history of me being sick…I DON’T GET SICK!!! Seriously, I cannot remember a time when I had anything more that a small cough and some congestion that lasted anything more than about 2 days. That is it. Nothing more.

I woke up Friday morning, feeling pretty good. The cough was still there but my spirits were high and I thought just maybe my ride yesterday was good for me. Getting some fresh air felt awesome.

Until I started heading back to work from a site survey in Pullman. It was at this point, I knew something was wrong. It started in my shins of all places. I felt like I had shin splints and they were getting worse by the minute …all the way back to Spokane. By the time I got to work, my whole body began to ache and it was all I could do to get in my truck and drive home...I contemplated just laying in my truck until I started to feel better or took my last breathe...whatever happened first.

As I got home, things only got worse. I had the chills, a splitting headache and was finding it difficult to breathe. I think the tell-tale sign that something was wrong when Tiffany asked if she could go to the store and get me some medicine and I said yes. I am pretty sure she was shocked too, because it took a couple of seconds for it to register and she even ask, if I was sure :)

After a long conversation with Jessi, on how this could be the end and how it was great getting to know each other, it was time to head to the doctor. Which by the way is the LAST place you can find me. Seriously, if I am lost, look everywhere else first and then try the hospitals.

So it turns out I wasn’t dying but had a case of bronchitis.

WTF!!! I got sick:( To many of you this might not be much, but you are talking to a guy who NEVER gets sick. The aching body, chills and all that other crap…I just don’t feel like that EVER. So now I am on an anti-biotic and have removed all my weekend workouts from the schedule. Now I know this will put me a bit behind in my training for Ironman but I know I will come back with a much better appreciation of being healthy and will look back at the small bump in the road to Ironman.

Here’s to some happy healthy training...

Until next time...


Share The Road!!!

Saturday's ride started out like many of the rest, trying to figure out a new route and wondering how long we would be able to hang with Roger. I was hoping for a few less hills and well, just a nice short 4 hour ride.

After a brief discussion, and a decision to head over Forker, Greenbluff was added at the last minute...GREAT!!! So I had the next 15 miles to try and figure a way out. So after racking my brain for any way to avoid that hill, I decided to go with a classic...my bike is broken. There is no way I could continue on at that pace stuck in my small chain ring, so we turned around and headed back to Wheel Sport North. After a quick turn of the wrenches and a not so minor issue of my front derailleur bracket starting to come loose, but that is for another blog post, we were back on the road.

With the new detour, we decided to head straight out Mt. Spokane. The ride was going great until we started the climb up Forker Rd. Now Forker is a narrow road and there isn't much of a shoulder but there is very little traffic and it really is a great ride.

Well, until this red truck decided he didn't want to share the road with some stupid bikers. I was really hoping for some words of encouragement to help me finish up the climb but he had other words that were not near as nice.

He informed me that this was not a safe road and I needed to get off of it right now. Now normally, I would have just said thanks for the advice and continued on my way...but this was not a normal day.

After a brief discussion on how we have as much right to the road has he does, he pulled away letting me know I was #1. Not wanted him to feel like I didn't think the same of him, I returned the favor...for some reason he wasn't so keen.

It was at this point he proceed to pull off the road in front of us and slam on his breaks, apparently this is vehicular assault so if it happens to you remember to write down the license plate.

So now I am a bit fired up and pull up right next to his drive side door and busted out:

"Don't let these tights fool your ass!!!"

Just kiddin' but that would have been AWESOME!!!

After a few more unpleasent words back and forth the guy finally took once again letting me know I was #1...thanks buddy!!!

Now I don't suggest handling this type of situation in this fashion. I probably should just listened to what he had to say and just nodded along...but we do have as much right to the roads as he does and where does he get off talking to me like that. I think it might have freaked Jessi out a bit but it was definitely worth a few laughs when it was all over.

All in all, the ride was fun and it was definitely a lot easier to make it up the hill with the extra adrenaline.


Sink or Sink!!!

So I have been all be gone from the blogging world lately. It could be the increased training, the early mornings and long nights or just been lazy and really haven't had to much stuff to post about.

Ironman training is in full form right now. With each week the hours of working out are adding up. Though it is extremely tiring, it is excited to compare where I was last year to where I am now and in all reality, there really is no comparison. My longest run last year was 1:40 minutes...at ANY point before Ironman. This year I have already done at least half a dozen and couldn't be happier. I really felt my run was my weakest link and it is getting stronger with each and every workout.

Even with the unseasonable warm winter, I still find myself stuck on the trainer WAY to much. Whether it's because of work or just bad timing, getting out on the bike mid-week just doesn't seem to be happening. But with daylight savings coming and my Master's swim moving to the mornings...never thought I would be so excited about swimming at 5:30 AM...I see some more outdoor rides in my future.

Speaking of swimming, I think chlorine is starting to run through my veins. With four swims per week, my pool time has been pretty consistent. I still have a ton of work to do, but can't wait to find some open water and see if all the hard work is paying off.

Just the other day, we had to do some crazy skulling drills...that I COMPLETELY sucked at. I am pretty sure you could have tied a boulder to my foot and I would have been able to stay at the surface for longer. It was that horrible.

So here is me explaining how it is suppose to be done...don't worry about listening to the coach right above me who could lap me in a 25.

Here we are suppose to be working on skulling with our hands above our heads. I begin by trying to just float flat on my back...and fail miserably.

I actually got to the point where my hands were actually above my head. You may think that I moved from the previous picture but I can guarantee you that the only person moving was Jessi with the camera.

All in all, the training has been a blast. I am focusing on being as consistent as possible and keeping the eye on the big picture. With 107 days until Ironman, the excitement is just beginning.

Until next time...