A few weeks ago, I received word that I had been selected to join the GU Energy Ambassador program. This is an exciting opportunity to be involved with a company that I feel is on the leading edge of sports nutrition. Not only are they constantly coming out with new flavors but they are continuing to improve their current product line as well. Like their GU Roctane, which is designed to help you during your toughest efforts.

GU products hold a special place in my stomach, as they were a key factor in getting me through one of the toughest race of my life, Ironman Coeur d’ Alene. The use of GU Chomps and GU Energy Gels throughout the race were instrumental in getting me to the finish line. Nothing like gels for 12 hours huh :)

Over the past few years, I have had an opportunity to try many different flavors. With such a wide variety, you are bound to find one you like.
Just recently I tried my all-time favorite, Banana Blitz. Now I can’t be sure, but I am pretty much convinced they brought this flavor back just for me. Apparently, it had been discontinued, I know crazy, huh? I honestly can’t not even imagine why…it is like having a banana Slurpee, aka the best EVER!!! The gel is only available online, so don’t hesitate because you have no idea what you are missing.
A few other favorites include, Raspberry GU Electrolyte Brew (formerly GU2O) and Strawberry GU Chomps. These things are SO addicting. I have to force myself to not eat them as a snack every single day…btw most days I fail miserably, SO GOOD!!!
But seriously, I would like to that GU Energy for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to working with them and using their products to get me through yet another Ironman which by the way is getting WAY TO CLOSE!!!

You can visit their website here GU Energy.

On another note, Ironman training is in full swing though I am not really sure if it ever stopped. This year definitely feels different, as this time I am trying to focus more on the journey and not the fear of death I had last year.

Until next time...


How to get Triathletes to do Kick Sets!!!

Kick sets...one word, theyhavetobethehardestthingeverandireallysuckatthem. Now don't get me wrong, I understand the importance and how they make you a better swimmer but holy cow, I am NOT good.

The past few weeks we have been introduced to kick set races. 25 yards ALL OUT!!! Now if there is anyway to get a triathlete to do kick sets, just turn it into a race. It doesn't matter how much they hurt, we will give it our all each and every time. Plus the pictures turn out freaking awesome.

Everyone getting ready for a tough kick set. What we didn't know what how hard it was actually going to be.
Race #1- 25 yards all out as fast as you can go. The effect with the kicking produced some pretty cool pictures, but honestly I had no idea since all my focus was try to make it to the other end alive.
Race #2- Once you make it to one end, you have to go back. I will admit that eventually you get into a groove and well, you legs pretty much go numb to the pain.
Your lungs on the other hand, DO NOT! This is I!!! Trying to bring myself back to life after a few tough kick set races.
I am happy to report that I did survive. Albeit BARELY ;)


Hike to the Top!!!

With another trip up to Schweitzer in the books, there was yet another assault on the mountain in snowshoes. The last two times the skies were clear and you could see the daunting task ahead of you. This time with the fog rolling in and the snow coming down, you never really knew where the top was and if you were ever going to make it. Just ask my fellow climbers, I thought we were there halfway up. In just the blink of an eye...right?

The group right before we headed out to march our way to the top. This was Greg and Natalie's first attempt at climbing to the top and it was definitely going to be a memorable one. Pretty sure they had no idea what they had agreed to :)

This is the death match up to the face of the mountain. Though it is not near as steep as the rest of the climb, you know what is ahead of you and it is important to pace yourself accordingly. Right now there is some chatting (though only as necessary) and people are still in relatively good moods.

This was our first major rest stop before the big climb. As you can see the fog is pretty thick and if you are me...you think we are near the top, as you can see from my smile...Oh, how wrong was I!!!

Now for the fun part. This was the point where I decided I would take the lead and break in the trail. Note to self...It is way easier to climb if someone else has already made footprints. Next time, I am going to sit back and 'relax' my way up the mountain;)

Even though I am pretty exhausted, I did make it to the top and even though my face muscles were frozen from the 40+ MPH winds, I was able to get a smile and I am pretty sure it stayed until the hot shower back at the condo.


When we are not trying to push the limits of snowshoeing up the face of the mountain, we do actually enjoy going down too. Here we are all piled in, getting a ride up to the lodge.

The highlight of the trip, was snowboarding (though according to her not as 'cool' as skiing) with Emma. This little 6-year-old is absolutely fearless and one heck of a skier. It was all I could do to keep up with her as she moved throughout the trees. She now gets bored on the groomed stuff and hits the glades as much as she can. SO IMPRESSED!!!

This was a great trip with some great people and I had an absolute blast.


No, boys. There’s two “ O”s is Goose!!!

Last week, I embarked on my first mountain biking experience and I was fortunate to have Jessi join me, as she too has recently started riding. So I spent the better part of 2 hours cleaning up my Mongoose A-40R, aka ‘The Goose’ trying to get it ready for it’s so called maiden voyage out on the trails.

"The Goose"

So before we get into how awesome the ride was, I think it is a must to give a little history on the bike. Now most people exploring the world of mountain biking will stop at a local bike shop, not me…back in 2001, I headed to Walmart, obviously a store with a high pedigree for mountain bikes. I know what you are thinking, it must have the best bike EVER. Seriously how could I not…right?

I ain’t gonna lie, I was VERY hesitant on bringing this bike out on the trails. Not so much for my...well awesome skills but because, well this bike is from freakin’ Walmart. Who in their right mind would trust their life to a bike sold at a giant box store…well me for one.

So to the bike itself. I think the first thing that sticks out on this awesome piece of Walmart engineering would have to be the bike seat and post. Most people tend to go for a full suspension bike frame, well not me. With the 'Comfort Technology' in place on ‘The Goose’ you are equipped with a full-suspension seat post and to top it off, a full-suspension seat. Could you really find anything more awesome then that?

See told you so, it even says it right on the bike...As if you could ever forget once you are on it.

Suspension Seatpost!

I know it is hard to take your eyes off my butt but when you are done, check out those awesome springs.

And the not so “Light Weight Aluminum Alloy”. This bike is anything but light weight, the thing is a freaking tank.

Now some mountain bike enthusiasts really think disk brakes are all that, but I am pretty sure they haven’t used these badass contraptions. Look at them, how could those not stop you.

As for the ride…AWESOME!!!

The weather was perfect and the company was better. It was a blast to get out and off the roads. The scenery was way better and we had a blast.

Jessi and me

It definitely took some getting used to riding a mountain bike vs. a road or tri bike but when it is all said and done, you legs are getting a great workout…well except when you have to stop and adjust the “Full Suspension” seat post that happens to move down as your ride…I did mention this bike is from Walmart, didn’t I?

Adjusting the seatpost, yet again.

Hey, Goose, you big stud!

I had so much fun we headed out again on Tuesday as Roger took us on some awesome trails. It was fun to get out and mix it up a bit with some different training and I am already looking forward to the next ride.

Enjoying a sunny ride!!!

Happy New Years!!!