I'm Back!!! And I am going to bribe you to keep reading with some FREE GU though I know you would love to read it anyways ;)

One of the exciting things that has happened over the last few months has been my promotion to Field Sales and Service Representative at GU Energy. This was my perfect opportunity to take that next step and the reason why I moved my life to the Bay Area. To say I was nervous would be an understatement but after a couple of interviews, I was offered the position and just like that dreams were coming true. It has been a lot of hard work before and since but it has been a great experience and a TON of fun.
My Sales Territory = Lots of Driving
I have now been on the job for 3.5 months (106 days to be exact, this will be important later) and have been traveling all over northern California. I have accounts from Monterey to Fresno up to the Tahoe, Reno, Redding, Sacramento and Santa Rosa. Basically if you cut California in half, I handle every single bike shop in the northern half. It has been a great learning experience and I take something away from each meeting. Plus I get to see A LOT of bike porn...and for a gear geek like me, I already want to upgrade everything on every bike I have.

On the triathlon note, I signed up for the Wildflower Long Distance Tri in early May. This is the "Woodstock" of triathlons. There are thousands of competitors with the majority of them camping in and around the race site. After fighting injuries for most of last year, I am excited to take part and just hope the training continues to go well. I have a few races leading up to the event in hopes to put on a good showing in my first Wildflower. I hear the course is crazy hard but I wouldn't want it any other way...at least that is what I say now, just don't ask me during the race :)

And since you kept reading all they way to the bottom, I have a little GU give-a-way contest. I thought about doing this when I started the new position (because I knew it was inevitable) but now that it has actually happened, now just seems like the right time.

Being a Sales Rep, I am in and out of my car all the time: 20, 30 sometimes even 40 times a day. I knew it was only a matter of time, but last Thursday (Feb. 16th) was the first time I locked my keys in my car. See I have a problem that if I get distracted (write something down, look something up, make a call), I can easily forget my keys and then jump out and lock the door behind me. Its all about routine for me getting out of the car, which is why most times I check, double check, triple and even check a 4th time that I have my keys.

So that being said, it took me 106 days to lock my keys in my car (far longer than I expected). If you can guess the next time it happens, you have a free box of GU coming your way. You pick your favorite flavor and it will appear at your door. The catch being it might happen tomorrow or another 3 months down the road. Just to make sure someone wins (I may get lucky), I will pick a winner at random on May 31st. I know that is a long way down the road but just imagine how nice it will be to have some GU with your season starting to pick up.

Enter by posting a comment on this post: Make sure you provide the date and your favorite GU!

So guess away and thanks again for reading!