Sink or Swim Meet 2010- Meet Report

A few weeks ago I swam at our local masters swim meet called, Sink or Swim put on by the Spokane Waves. The event was held at Whitworth University and was sponsored by my triathlon club, Tri-Fusion. These are always a blast and a great change of pace from triathlon since all the races I do only last a minute.

With the severe lack of training on my part made this meet all that much more interesting. I hadn't see the line in the bottom of a pool for over 3 weeks and really had no idea what events I was actually going to do until the morning of. When all was said and done I participated in 8 events: 50Y Freestyle, 100Y Freestyle, 200Y Freestyle and to mix it up a bit the 50Y Breaststroke and 100Y Backstroke.

A special thanks to James Richman for taking all the photos. There are some pretty cool sequences.
Honestly my main goal was to just survive. I wasn't sure how the races were going to go and even though I wanted to beat the times I had done in this same race 2 years ago, I really didn't know what to expect.

First up was the 50 Freestyle.  These races are SHORT and PAINFUL! I goal was to go as fast as possible. Last time I swam a 26.08...so I set an outside goal of sub 26. So after a brief warm up and a few starts of the block for practice. It was go time. I was up on the blocks and ready for my first race in 2 years. The tried my best to channel my inner Michael Phelps but I don't smoke so I focused on the swimming. The gun went off and before I knew it the lactic acid was taking over my legs and then I was done. Ending up swimming a 25.91 and had a new PR.

50Y Freestyle...Just a bunch of splashing!
Next us the 100 Freestyle. Now I knew I could struggle through the 50 race but after how bad my legs were burning and the fact that it was twice the distance. Last time out I swam a 1:01.25. Turns out I raced a little smarter than the 50 and even without being in the pool so long still was able to bust out a 58.88. Definitely excited about that.

The last three races I had never actually done before in a meet but why not try something new...especially with the backstroke and breaststroke. Since we needed the extra points and since we dubbed this "The Year of the Breast...stroke", I had to enter at least one breaststroke race. Since I basically live with the best breaststroke in the area, I was hoping I could channel my inner Rory and just do what he does. In all reality, I was getting advice on how to legally make the turn about 1 minute before the race started. Fortunately it went well and I was able to finish without getting disqualified.

200 Freestyle: 2:24.99
50 Breaststroke: 38.17
100 Backstroke: 1:23.64

Sink or Swim Meet 2010- Champions
All in all, it was another great experience. I was able to participate in a few relays and even though at one point I had to do back to back to back to back races, the Spokane Waves Masters Team took home the title. Congrats to all the swimmers and already looking forward to the next one.