More Tiger Tri Pictures

Here are a few pictures from the trip to Tiger Tri. I like to consider myself pretty computer savey but after a few months of blogging I just figured out how to load more than one image at a time onto my blog.
Setting up our Casa de No Sleep Inn!

Getting our bikes all tatted up for the race. Big discussion on how many gels to use this race. Apparently I take more than most.

Being the piro I am, I was all to happy to get the fire started.

Just sitting (standing) around chatting it up.

Starting to cook my trusty oatmeal. Does anyone have a spoon?

Could not find a spoon so I was forced into using my aero bottle straw. By the way it worked PERFECTLY!

Heading over to T1. Can't wait to get my prime spot, right?

Getting tatted myself!

Taking a minute to help out the volunteers. There was a ton of gravel in the parking lot so I took a moment to sweep it out of the way. A bit of dust was stirred up but my feet were sure happy after the swim:)

Getting all zipped up before the race. Tim trying to get the upperhand before the race.
If you can see the hands in the air. I am now trying to get the advantage by drowning Tim.
Coming out of the water.
Just hanging out after the race.

Thanks to Andrea for taking all the pictures and cheering us on. It is great to have her help throughout the race.


Andy said...

That last picture cracks me up! It looks like you forgot your shorts! :)

Trish said...

I agree with Andy...you look a little bit naked! Is that part of your post-race routine now!?!

Laura said...

There's another race you might be interested in up at the Kaniksu Ranch! lkd

Ali said...

Looks like a whole different experience and fun race. You're looking more and more relaxed! Love that you helped the volunteers on race day... that's great!