"SUN" Day Workouts!!!

There is just something about working out when the weather is nice. All too often in the PNW you have to just brave the conditions and get outside in the rain, snow, sleet or hail. You just have to toughen up and get your workouts in.

A few weeks ago Jessi and I ran in some of the worst conditions ever and I have to say that even though it sucked, it is days like that which make days like Thursday so great. With the chance of having a run in the sun, Jessi and I decided to forego our morning run and wait until the evening and warmer conditions.
We headed out around 6 and were able to ditch the UnderArmour, stocking caps and warm gloves to just go out and run in long sleeve shirts and visors. No headlamps or reflective gear was needed. The run was tough as we ran back behind St. Georges and up the formidable sandy hill. Jessi says she feels sorry because I have to run “SO” slow when I run with her but in all reality she is one fast chica and I get a great workout each and every time. I give her major props for never backing out and always willing to push herself to the extreme.
Fast forward to Friday’s workout and our second straight nice day. Yes the sun actually made an appearance for two days in a row. After spending last Friday in the pool and missing the chance to use great weather to get outside, I decided I would get my long weekend ride in on Friday and enjoy the warm conditions.

All week I had been asking Tiffany if she was going to skip the swim and join the Thompson’s and I for the ride. I think the majority of people could have been intimidated in joining us, not necessarily because of my sweet riding skills but because Jessi and Roger are great athletes and can just flat out ride.

Tiffany pulled out her A+ card and rocked this ride. She pushed herself and even though she was completely exhausted at the end, rode the entire ride hard. I know she was scared but she was never gave up and it was awesome to see someone get out of their comfort zone and get better.

Roger and I finished up the 2.5 hour ride with a tough 40 minute brick. I just hope this weather makes a permanent home here in Spokane because honestly I have had enough wet and cold workouts for one spring.

To Jessi and Tiffany, you two continue to prove what make A+ so great. You both continue to impress me week after week with your efforts to get better. Thanks for all the support and encouragement. I can’t wait to see how this year unfolds, the results will prove that such hard work does pay off.


Tiffany said...

Kind of funny to read this post as I'm watching it SNOW outside!

Nice work getting your tough runs done. I'm stoked you and Jessi completed a run without icicles on your faces, however, I still love the Snow Queen!

Thanks for your constant efforts to get me to ride on Friday. Yes, I was scared s#$%tless, but your constant "checking for cars" was very sweet and much appreciated. Thanks for pushing me, B!

Hope you're enjoying your run-free Sunday! ;)

jessithompson said...

You always push me and I am continually inspired by how you get 'er done and work HARD at the same time. I love getting to the top of the hill and having you reach back for a hand slap. You're a great encourager and hilarious too. A great workout buddy. Great swim today too, A+!!!

Michael W. Bergquist said...

Hey there Steve. Long time no see. I'm glad to read that you're still doing what you always do, which is push through it all and get out there and find a way to work your way to being fitter and faster. I look forawrd to seeing how your year goes. I'm barely hanging in there, but I'll find a way back to the front if I can.