Flipturn Tuesday

This morning Jessi, Tiffany and I decided we were done with open turns during our Master's swims. We have been "trying" to learn flipturns on and off again for over a year and realized the only way you will EVER be comfortable doing them is to just do them in practice. According to Kevin, it can save anywhere from 1.5-2 seconds per 50 yds. That can add up quick over a long race.

I am by no means good at these or even poor, I am somewhere between absolutely horrible and definitely terrible. I can't swim upside down because I get water in my noise and it burns so bad that I almost stop swimming. Apparently if you have a big enough upper lip you can almost plug your nose but not me.

So today I tried a million different techniques throughout practice. Some worked pretty good while others not so much. I am pretty sure that I never did the exact same thing twice even though I tried to, once one method worked. I think I only looked like a breached whale once or twice and only completely missed the wall one time.

I am not sure if it helped but having Jessi and Tiffany swimming right behind me really makes you focus on staying in a straight line. I personally think they are absolutely crazy for even being in the same lane as me while I am attempting to try and flipturn. Actually I think anyone in the lane next to me might be crazy too since I ended up in the other lane on one not so perfectly executed turn.

But honestly, it was really fun to take on the new challenge and maybe next week I will be able to do it with paddles and a pull buoy. Baby Steps!!!


Tiffany said...

LOL! First of all, that girl in the flip turn diagram absolutely sucks! Look at how far away from the wall her feet are! She would definitely not be making the bulk head sway with the force of her legs - she wouldn't even make it to the wall! So at least you know you're better than her! :)

I would just like to point out that all 3 of us did flip turns while circle swimming today. That is a first. In the past, we have been too scared to try it. Yes, we left each other some room, but we still did it - even while sprinting 50's! That is progress! Glad I have you B's to practice with!

Jennifer said...

Steve, I seriously can't do flip turns. Just ask Tiff! I bet you did amazing and I know you'll have it in no time! Keep it up and if you ever need a laugh, Tiff has a video of me trying to just do a flip in the pool (couldn't even do that)! She gave up trying to teach me!

Good luck!!

jessithompson said...

Love to have the accountability of you Bs there doing it with me. We'll keep at it and I am BANKING on Kevin's promise that if we stick with it we'll never go back to open turns.

I am laughing at the whale picture because that is exactly what I felt like a few times plus add in the over exaggerated "I'm suffocating" inhale as I reach the surface.

Luckily we didn't kill each other in the process.

I think our first hard-core day was very successful.