Infamous "Long Ride and Long Run"

To many of you this may seem absolutely crazy while others it could be considered run-of-the-mill. On Wednesday I experienced my first “Long Ride” of my Ironman training. I have been on what I would consider a “Long Ride” before but have only topped the 3-hour mark a handful of times and even then it was only by a few minutes.

Well on Wednesday the goal was 4.5 hours of riding with a bunch of hills thrown in the middle. I mapped out my course of approximately 80 miles and got ready to go. I wasn’t quite sure how I should fuel for such a long ride but knew it couldn’t be much different then the half-ironman races, just longer.

So I loaded up on water and gels and jumped on my bike. Overall the weather was great except for the headed that seem to follow me just about everywhere. Nate D was nice enough to join me for some of it but for the most part I was out there alone, just me, my bike and music.

I won’t lie, after about 2 hours in the saddle I wanted to be done. I had just ridden about 30 minutes into a headwind and felt wiped. There is just something about traveling 14-16 mph into a wind that takes something out of you. I took what I felt was a well deserved 2 or 3 minute break at about 3 hours and then headed up Greenbluff.

It was at the top that I had my new personal best for time riding. I reached the top at 3:34 and in true blogger fashion, had to do a quick documentation. It was at this point I started to feel a bit rejuvenated. I might have been because of the new PR or the fact that once you get to the top of Greenbluff you get to haul ass down:)

I finished the ride with 81 miles in 4:33 and followed it up with a great brick run. I didn’t know how my legs would react to running since I had been riding for so long but they felt rather fresh. My stomach on the other hand was a bit uneasy but I had yet to torture it with so many gels. This will get better with each long ride. I had to hold back telling myself that this is not a sprint it is a marathon, literally.

Not to put such a "Long Ride" to waste, I followed it up on Thursday with a new PR for time in a "Long Run". I think it was somewhere around 12.5 miles and 1:40 long, I averaged 8:00/mile. Personally I am pretty happy with this considering I ran up some pretty big hills and took it relatively easy on the downhill.

So after quite some time wondering when my “Long Ride and Long Run” would fit into the schedule, I say be careful with you wish for. JK, it was great to get these under my belt and one step closer to June 21st.


jessithompson said...

I think it is perfectly fitting that the "Rule 76" sticker is still on your bike.

You're a stud and I'm so excited to watch you on June 21st. The finish line will be beyond compare because you have worked so friggin' hard to get there.

Way to go, B! A+ all the way!

Tiffany said...

Damn it! Jessi just stole exactly what I was going to say about Rule 76!

Way to survive this, Keve! I'm stoked for you that it went well. That's a good sign! Won't be long now.... :)