No, boys. There’s two “ O”s is Goose!!!

Last week, I embarked on my first mountain biking experience and I was fortunate to have Jessi join me, as she too has recently started riding. So I spent the better part of 2 hours cleaning up my Mongoose A-40R, aka ‘The Goose’ trying to get it ready for it’s so called maiden voyage out on the trails.

"The Goose"

So before we get into how awesome the ride was, I think it is a must to give a little history on the bike. Now most people exploring the world of mountain biking will stop at a local bike shop, not me…back in 2001, I headed to Walmart, obviously a store with a high pedigree for mountain bikes. I know what you are thinking, it must have the best bike EVER. Seriously how could I not…right?

I ain’t gonna lie, I was VERY hesitant on bringing this bike out on the trails. Not so much for my...well awesome skills but because, well this bike is from freakin’ Walmart. Who in their right mind would trust their life to a bike sold at a giant box store…well me for one.

So to the bike itself. I think the first thing that sticks out on this awesome piece of Walmart engineering would have to be the bike seat and post. Most people tend to go for a full suspension bike frame, well not me. With the 'Comfort Technology' in place on ‘The Goose’ you are equipped with a full-suspension seat post and to top it off, a full-suspension seat. Could you really find anything more awesome then that?

See told you so, it even says it right on the bike...As if you could ever forget once you are on it.

Suspension Seatpost!

I know it is hard to take your eyes off my butt but when you are done, check out those awesome springs.

And the not so “Light Weight Aluminum Alloy”. This bike is anything but light weight, the thing is a freaking tank.

Now some mountain bike enthusiasts really think disk brakes are all that, but I am pretty sure they haven’t used these badass contraptions. Look at them, how could those not stop you.

As for the ride…AWESOME!!!

The weather was perfect and the company was better. It was a blast to get out and off the roads. The scenery was way better and we had a blast.

Jessi and me

It definitely took some getting used to riding a mountain bike vs. a road or tri bike but when it is all said and done, you legs are getting a great workout…well except when you have to stop and adjust the “Full Suspension” seat post that happens to move down as your ride…I did mention this bike is from Walmart, didn’t I?

Adjusting the seatpost, yet again.

Hey, Goose, you big stud!

I had so much fun we headed out again on Tuesday as Roger took us on some awesome trails. It was fun to get out and mix it up a bit with some different training and I am already looking forward to the next ride.

Enjoying a sunny ride!!!

Happy New Years!!!


Tiffany said...

This post was hysterical! I had no idea your bike was from the highly acclaimed Walmart! Love it!

Glad you've embarked on a a new adventure. You were getting kinda boring there for a while. ;)

jessithompson said...

I think I only peed a few times on this ride... geesh! Too much fun and LOTS of laughs. You seriously can make that Walmart machine to some crazy crap, Keven... I was impressed with your mad skills. Apparently that dirt biking seriously paid off! You should be on Walmart's ad for their bikes. You makin' em look reeeeal bad ass.

Thanks for teachin' me how to ride better and always looking back to make sure I haven't fallen off a cliff yet.

Can't wait to get back out there! Another hilarious adventure in the books!

Matt said...

That saddle is HOT!

Glad you rockin it out there, mtb is a blast a great change the TT bike!