Crazy Carl and Squirrel (*Explicit Material*)

Crazy Carl...he is this furry little animal who is just a bit too comfortable for my liking.

As I am sitting on the back deck, Crazy Carl lands on the railing and walking towards me. It was a slow, stealthy walk but he was definitely more interested in me than I was in him. Eventually he moved to within about 3 feet and without fear just stared me in the eyes. I am telling you...this was crazy. I have seen hundreds if not thousands of squirrels in my life and never once has one made me feel like it was going to attack me.
I am guessing it was because this thing is starving but I really didn't care...it had this crazy look in its eye and with absolutely no fear of humans. I didn't feel the need to stick around and let this thing start eating me alive. It was at this point Carla thinks he is cute and we should feed him...though I am pretty sure she never once came outside to face this crazy creature.

Here is Crazy Carl following me up the stairs.
It became pretty comedic as Rory soon realized I wasn't the crazy one and this thing was insane.

Rory thinking he isn't afraid of Crazy Carl...don't let his physque fool you...he ran too.

As for Squirrel:

When you rent a place, it is always a surprise when you meet the neighbors. In our case, we have one neighbor who we will now call Squirrel. Squirrel doesn't get a long with ANYONE in the neighborhood. There is word around that more than a few families have moved out of because of this guy. Kinda scary...but nothing to cry wolf about.
Look closely!!!
So the story goes, Squirrel believes he is the rightful owner of the land that is behind about three houses, our rental included and from the city website (he actually does) but I don't think my other neighbors care. Since one day when we came home we had this nice little surprise waiting for us...or I mean it is actually for Squirrel. It amazes me how grown adults handle some situations...good thing I will be a kid forever :)
And just in case you couldn't read it!!!
But what else would you expect...just another day in the neighborhood.


Carla said...

Definitely one of the funniest moments I have had with you Steve! Watching you get crazy-stalked by that squirrel was fhilarious! And Rory thinking the squirrel was 'normal' and then realizing just how dodgy the squirrel really was, was just as funny :D

Tiffany said...

LOL times a million!!! I love that Cahlah wanted to feed him but wouldn't come outside! Hysterical.

As for your neighbors, fhilarious!

jessithompson said...

That sign is ffunny... and I'm not sure what's funnier - reading this post or listening to you tell the story in person! LOL!