Winter Wonder Workouts!!!

This post is going to cover a TON of stuff but it has just been that kind of week. It is winter and between my job and training everything is suppose to slow down, but what fun would that be.

Since I enjoy food so much, my new tradition is to join my triathlon club, Tri-Fusion, for the Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot at Manito Park. We all show up pretty early, freeze our butts off and then run one or two loops. Honestly it is way more fun than it sounds and I wouldn't want to miss it.

Tric, Nat, Greg, Sheena and myself before the race.

Jessi and I running SUPER fast:)

So if I didn't get enough running on Thursday morning a group of us got together on Friday after our big dinners and decided to work off those extra calories. I had a feeling that this run was going to be just a tad bit different then the leisurely jog yesterday. We started off at a rather comfortable pace as everyone began to warm up. Soon Roger and Hosh decided to pick up the pace and left the rest of us following in the wake.

I believe we ran just over 6 miles and we averaged just over 7 minute miles. I haven't ran that fast for quite a few months and it was exciting to get back at it. My knee was feeling good and the run, though tough, was a lot of fun.

Paul (Portland Tri-Club), Ty, Josh, Eric, Me, Roger before our 10K run.

Taking in all those calories we just burned off!

Saturday was spent in the Thompson's basement since mother nature decided it was time for Spokane to receive our first snow. Originally we were going to brave the cold weather and hit the road, but after over an inch of snow we were stuck in teh basement. These rides can be brutal but with such a great group of people, they really fly by. Even if you have a crash, freaking inside.

Roger, Me, Jessi, Nat, Turtle(Nate), and Tric
Roger and I making sure I didn't do any damage to his bike after my crash. I was not to worried about mine but definitely don't want to ruin his bike.

I finished the weekend up with an awesome swim workout on Sunday and couldn't wait to get the next week started. Thanks to everyone who helped me stay motivated through all the workouts, you guys ROCK!!!


Trish said...

You forgot to mention the awesome "Body By Keith" workouts that you did at the gym as well :) Way to stay motivated during the holiday week! You are an inspiration to slackers like me! Keep up the good work and you will be ready for IM 09 in no time!

Tiffany said...

Hooray for winter workouts! Even though we have to do it inside, I love that we can all bike together...now you can finally keep up with me! ;)

Thanks again for the great workout yesterday morning! I'm feelin' it today!

Matt said...

glad to hear your knee is doing better, the winter definately brings some fun workouts!

jessithompson said...

Good times... thanks for all you do to organize workouts that help keep everyone motivated. Lots of laughter keeps me going through the winter months.

M-Dot said...

Sounds like you had a ball. Keep up the fun Keith...


Kelli Rydeen and Family said...

How does one crash indoors?

Michael W. Bergquist said...

How do you crash on an indoor trainer?! That's worse than crashing on a bike with training wheels while just sitting there.

Anyway, keep on pushing the pace. You're only going to get faster. I know exactly what you mean in regard to eating. Sometimes I think that's the only reason I exercise. It's a good thing you live in or near north Spokane ... apparently the only place group workouts actually have a group.