Morning Workout!!!

Early morning workouts are the best, right? After another great workout Tuesday night, we picked up our tired asses and headed back to the gym this morning for a 5:30am workout. I really like getting my workouts done so early even if it is sooo difficult to pull myself out of bed. But once I am up, I am good to go.

Today we focused our efforts on legs and core. After seeing the pain and suffering that was inflicted from last Wednesday's workout, I couldn't wait to put Tim and Natalie back through the ringer:) This time Tric joined in on the fun.

There are no actually pictures of all the fun we were having but if you want proof just ask Tim, Nat or Tric if they want to meet you at the gym tonight:)

Thanks again guys for the great workout and can't wait to suffer next time.


jessithompson said...

You guys are so fawesomely hard core!!! Way to go, champs!

Trish said...

Stevers...thank you SO much for the awesome workouts you put together! They are tough, but totally good for us! I appreciate all the hard work you put into making the workouts challenging, yet still fun at the same time :) Thanks for putting up with my wonderful morning attitude! Can't wait til next time!

Jennifer said...

You're so right...once you're up, the workout is great! Way to go guys!!

LORIE said...

This pic makes me smile. Have fun training. Enjoyed seeing you on Sat morning.

Anonymous said...

Body by Steve,

I F-Love your workouts, early morning or not, it is worth it to get in the gym and get 'er done! We'll have to shoot some pix soon, but let's wait until our muscles are bulging and we've greased 'em up. :)

Thanks, buddy! XO,


Kelli Rydeen and Family said...

Way to be hard core Steve. I feel like such a slouch!