Tour de Mt. Spokane

In honor of the Tour de France, last weekend my buddy Timmers and I decided it was time to conquer Mt. Spokane with the grueling ride to the top. Earlier this year I rode up to the first lodge (tubing hill) as part of a training ride. I figured if I had already made it up that far the rest should be pretty easy:)

We left the house around 7:15am and headed north. This was to be a VERY hot day so the early start was a blessing. The air was cool and it was actually perfect weather for a ride. Not really knowing how long it was going to take, we planned for the 3 hour journey and off we went.

The first part of the ride is rather boring as you meander through Mead and out towards the mountain. We started up the grade and my legs felt good. I have been recently been struggling on my bike with knee pain and trying to figure out the correct position. But today my legs were there and I was ready to climb to the top.

We made our way up to the first lodge and stopped to take in a bit of food. It was at this point Tim mentioned it might be another 3-4 miles. I, in my ever so naive state, believed him and we began our charge to the top.

Just Keep Walking!

Due to some road construction we had to walk our bikes about 200 yards to find pavement again. It was a nice change of pace but seriously walking that far in bike shoes SUCKS!

And Walking!

We were soon bike in the saddle and thought we were only a few miles from the top. At this point, the real climb begins. The road gradually gets steeper and steeper until it is everything you can do to not stop. You are up out of the saddle and then back in and then back out. Your legs are burning but you are moving forward. You “just” know the top is right around the corner, or at least I did. I honestly don’t think I have ever been up Mt. Spokane in the summer and during the winter it all looks the same.

Climb Tim Climb!!

After seriously struggling to keep moving we finally made it to the snowmobile lot and now reality really sank in. From here you can actually see the top. Though it is very small it was no longer an mirage that you never seem to reach.

The next part of the climb I think I might maybe have forgotten as my lungs struggled to fill my body and brain with the oxygen required to survive. At one point I am pretty sure was moving at 4 mph. I honestly didn’t think you could pedal that slow.

And the Summit!

We eventually made it to the top and even though it took almost 2:30 minutes we had accomplished what we set out to do. Now it was time to hual ASS down the mountain. You would think that it would be fun going down and it is for about 5 minutes. Eventually your hands start to hurt and you are tired of constantly riding the brakes.

What took us 2:25 minutes to make the journey up Mt. Spokane too us 1:25 to come back down. It was a great experience that might happen again someday but as of now, my Tour de Mt. Spokane fix has been accomplished.

Timmers at the Top!!!

Cheesiest picture ever, but who cares I MADE IT!!!
Thanks buddy for an great ride. A+!!!


Josh said...

Nice work, that sounds like fun! I have been wanting do do this and I think I may just go try it soon. The real question is who got the Yellow Jersey from the Tour De Mt Spokane :)? Nice work guys.

jessithompson said...

you guys are fawesome and tough beyond words. way to go, Bs!

Tiffany said...

I am dying of laughter at that last picture! Clearly that should be your new FB profile pic! LOL!

You guys totally rock! Way to go. I'm very impressed! 4mph? That's nuts! A+ times a million!

Anonymous said...
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Dave Erickson said...

great job. I've made it to Bear Lodge on three occasions but turned around because of road construction... now that I know it clears up after...I'm so there! Great blog. I'll take the Mt. Spokane challenge in a few weeks, after Troika :-)