Haydenview Triathlon 2009- Race Report

This would be my first race since Ironman CDA. After the big push to get ready for one of the biggest races of my life, the plan was to take a bit of time off from racing. But 6 weeks was WAY too long. After struggling with a few injuries and trying to get comfortable on my new bike, I figured it would be best to get at least one race in before the CDA Olympic this weekend.

With the alarm set for 3:45am, or otherwise known as BEFORE ZERO-HOUR, I knew a good nights rest would help get me ready. I am not sure if it was a bit of pre-race nerves or the ungodly high temperatures we have been having, but I slept about 2.5 hours the night before and was NOT happy when my alarm started going off. But with Jessi arriving in 30 minutes, it was time to get up, eat some breakfast and get the truck packed.

We headed over the Hayden and due to our little bit of a late arrival and parking being about a mile from the race start, our plans to drive the bike course just wasn't happening. So after setting up transition and a short warm-up ride it was time to start the race.

The next set of photographs have to be some of the coolest ones I have ever seen. Thanks to Roger and Emma for heading over at the REAL Zero-Hour and for Rog taking some great pics.

Since it was a beach start, we all get to run in as far as we can and then start swimming. With my new plan to start at the front of the pack during swims, this start worked out great.

The swim was advertised as .5 mile and after looking at the buoys before the race, I knew it was short. When the swim looks "Long" it is usually right on and when it looks short, it is usually REEEEAL short. I am not exactly sure how they messed this up, since last years times were looked pretty accurate, so you would think they would just put them in the same spot. Guess not.

Swim Time: 7:42

Due to some untimely road construction, the bike course had to be changed about 2 days before the race. I have to give the race director props for finding a great alternative route that was challenging and fun. It was a steady climb out to the turn-a-round and very fast back.

After getting on my bike, I made my first mistake and missed the first hard right hand turn. I am not sure if it as all the bright orange cones and arrows telling me exactly where to go or what but I decided to take a short detour and had to make a quick U-turn.

Coming into T2

Since I have been struggling with a bit of knee pain lately, I didn't know how this part of the race would go. It took some time for my legs to feel like they were under me but after the turn-a-round I felt great. Partly because it was down hill but I really felt like I was able to get into a rhythm and push hard back to T2.

It could have also been the two 15 year olds and the 17 year old that passed me on the way out. These kids where fast and it was all I could do to not let them out of site. I was a bit more aggressive on the way in and was able to put a small gap on the 15 year old's but they were even faster runners than bikers.

Bike Time: 28:39

Heading into T2, I made my second mistake and almost ran over the wrong timing mats. I had to pick up my bike and back track a few steps to make sure I went over the right area. It was good to see they put up some yellow marking tape for many of the other racers because it was a bit confusing, well at least for me.

I quickly put on my K-Swiss K' Onas and was heading out for what was to be one of my few hard runs since, well Blue Lake Sprint back in June. The run was once again advertised at 3.5 mile run but instead of being short, it was actually closer to 3.8 miles, verified from quite a few Garmins. This actually made me feel a bit better once I saw my final time.

The run was pretty flat but was tough. It was fun to be able to push myself and see if I could still keep up with my pre-Ironman races. It was exciting to see that even though my training has been a bit (or a lot) sub-par in the last month, I am happy with how this event unfolded.

Run Time: 24:04

Place: 5th OA, 1st AG

Though I had a ton of fun racing again, this race was not a particular favorite for me. I really don't care how far the distances are at each race (though it is nice to compare) you NEED to make sure they are accurate. It is ridiculous to have a swim almost cut in half and a run to be a 1/3 of a mile longer. Do whatever it takes to make sure your distances are correct.

Another small grip, but just because for once I actually won my age-group, it would have been nice to honor it. I can understand for the short $35 dollar races, but this is not the case. Giving the excuse that "We are not doing age-group awards because EVERYONE is a winner" is not a way to get people to come back.

OK, enough venting. All in all, it was fun to get back into racing and hanging with the Thompsons. Jessi, is having an awesome season and backed it up with yet another 1st OVERALL performance. Congrats!!! Also great job to Emma, who might have had an even tougher experience with the Kid's Tri and came out of it with a big smile.

Next week is CDA Olympic and I am sad to say there won't be another rematch between Tim and I, but I have some small goals for this race and even though I am not where I want to be fitness wise, I think they are still achievable.

Until next time...


Tiffany said...

Awesome job out there, Keve! You are right, those shots Rog got of you at the swim start are pretty sweet!

Glad you ended up doing so well despite some minor detours. Happy to hear the leg felt pretty good too. You are going to rock Cd'A! And even if you don't, just think back to this race for the reminder that "everyone is a winner!" ;)

jessithompson said...

So fun to share this race adventure with you!!! You had a really strong race and pulled it all together well after a bit of time off. It was fun to be out there on the course with you - been too long!

Looking forward to cheering you on next weekend... yee-hah! (that's Reardan-ese for Go get 'em!)

Spokane Al said...

Congratulations. I am always in awe of you guys who can push yourselves to the limits for an entire race.

Matt said...

Impressive race Keith!! Blazing fast season your having! Keep it up! That new bike is very photogenic!

Dave Erickson said...

Looks like you made out like a champ to me :-) Nice job. See ya at CDA Olympic this weekend. I'm doing the swim and run as part of a team.