Civilian or NINJA?

Civilian or NINJA?
There are two kinds of people in the world, civilians and NINJAS. If running on a treadmill sounds like the absolute worst thing in the entire world, then you might be a NINJA. If freezing temperatures can’t keep you from running outside, then you might be a NINJA. Now if it is in the single digits and you have a run scheduled and you are still going to run outside no matter what, then you ARE a NINJA.


As you can see from the picture, as we transform into NINJAS very little skin is showing and our hands all but disappear. This really helps when trying to hide from the evil enemy...COLD!

Jessi and I put our NINJA skills to the test. We were not quite sure what level NINJA was going to be required in order to complete our run but we were ready to go. With the temperatures hovering around 8 degrees, we headed out for our run. The civilians driving in cars probably thought we were crazy people, having no idea that NINJAS aren’t really bothered by the cold.

This run was nothing like our last crazy winter run, before we became NINJAS, and absolutely froze our arses off.
As you can see, not very NINJA like.

With multiple layers on and our faces covered, we left the house and had a great 40+ minute run. At one point I can actually say I was warm and didn’t even notice the cold, but once again because we are NINJAS. It was a great run and I challenge anyone who thinks they are NINJA enough, running in this weather is very possible and can actually be enjoyable.


Cahlah said...

You're fcooked. Period.

Tiffany said...

Eric would be so proud! :)

jessithompson said...


Matt said...

word up, its been COLD out there. Just dont get arrested for cops thinking your running from a robbery ;) .I LOVE this time of the year, but I am a freak..but it does take like 20 minutes just to get all them layers on eh!