Golf in December

Today we played golf. I know that it is absolutely freezing outside and there is no way you would be playing golf. There are also some of you who would NEVER play golf EVER, but in this game of golf we did not swing clubs trying to break out the windows in an SUV... I mean to hit little white golf balls.

The goal of golf today was the same, try and get the lowest score possible. In our game of golf, we take the total time it takes to swim a certain distance and add the number of strokes it takes to swim said distance. In the case of today’s workout, we had to swim 20x50 yards on the 1:00. And if that wasn’t hard enough, we then needed to add the stroke count to the time it took to swim.

I will have to say that trying to get under par (72) was a challenge. As I was slowly running out of oxygen, I was working on the techniques that were suggested earlier, focusing on good breathing, counting and decreasing my stroke count, increasing my speed, decreasing my time, taking my time for each set and then adding it to the stroke count, all while leaving on the 1:00. It is making me tired just thinking about it.

Did I forget to say how much I love swimming and can’t wait until I get just a little bit better:) By the way, our coach said he had someone with a golf score of 36 or something crazy like that. All I can say is that definitely need to work on my golf game.


Tiffany said...

Go get 'em, Tiger! ;)

jessithompson said...

LOL... I was gonna say something but Tiff's comment has got me rolling and now I can't even remember what I was going to say.


Megan said...

Was there any rule against kicking underwater the whole way, and doing a touch-turn? I bet you could get a 36 with that strategy... though probably not 20 times in a row! :)

Cool drill, makes me miss the water!