Twee Boere en 'n Yank...Pre-Race

Just after moving in with my new roommates from South Africa, I suggested they should team up and do a triathlon. Rory (Glory) is an amazing swimmer, Carla (Cahlah) likes to run and well Damon (Damon Byrd) didn't really care and thought biking woud be fun. Since Rory will be stuck at a local swim meet and with Cahlah and Damon Byrd totally ready to go, I had no problem stepping in for the swim portion and my first team triathlon.

Over the last two weeks, the workouts have been at a feverish pace. Damon's stories about how he had planned to run on the treadmill for 12 minutes only get to 10 and almost die...but he pushed through and is quick on his way to setting a new course record for fastest cyclists to 12 miles on the indoor bikes in the Whitworth gym.

Cahlah who has been showing that treadmill a thing or two and is pretty sure she will kick this race's butt...even if I need to reassure her the race is only 2.94 miles vs. the 3.4 that the website shows a couple more times before Saturday.

The converstations about race strategy and how Damon is going to hold of Roger during the bike have been hilarious. Many times Damon has warned he may need someone to catch him when he rolls into T2.

Below are a few of my favorites. If I could have only written down a few things that have been said around the house...you couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

Text Messages from Damon:

Damon: "12 miles in around 26 mins... Is that good or bad?" (He was averaging 28 mph)
Steve: "That is good but you prob won't go that fast out on the road. I would plan to ride 35-40 on this course"
Damon: "Really? Is it a lot of uphill stuff?"
Steve: "No just always slower on the road."
Damon: "OK, that's good... I probably wouldn't make it too far with a lot of hills."

Damon: "I got in a 30 min ride in the gym and a 10 min cool down run after that... Feeling Good!)
Steve: "Awesome. That is what I like to hear.)

Emails from Cahlah:

Cahlah: "I'm excited - I went hard on the treadmill this morning and only lasted 15 min which is not a good sign - but I know that I will finish it in under 30 min when I have people to compete against."

Steve: "It is OFFICIAL. TEAM Twee Boere en ‘n Yank are all signed up...This is going to be fun and already looking forward to it. Let the countdown begin…13 DAYS!!!"

Cahlah: "Holy sh%t balls - might be spending a bit more time in the gym this week!"

We thought it might be a good idea to get Damon on the actually bike he will ride before Saturday. So after a few minor adjustments and a couple of quick tips he was ready to go.

Explaining how clip-in pedals work...this is Damon's first ever attempt!

It took a couple of tries but before you knew it...he had it down!

Off on a very short ride around the block...it was getting really dark.

See...told you it was getting dark!

Damon Byrd...is ready to go!!!

So this Saturday at the Trailblazer Triathlon in Medical Lake, Team Twee Boere en 'n Yake will be ready. I can't wait and all in all it is going to be an absolute BLAST.


Ali Buck said...

This makes me smile bigly. Very BIGLY!

Matt said...

sounds like all ya'll will have a blast out there Sunday! Any uniforms for the team? speedos?

Tiffany said...

LOL times a million babillion!!!! Loved the texts and emails! Espcially Cahlah's "Holy #$%^ balls! Hilarious!

You guys better watch out though...team FAWESOME! is ready for some competition! ;)

jessithompson said...

First of all, I can't believe Tiff didn't ask what the hell your team name means. The only guess I have is two cool kids and a non-South African dork ;).

Can't wait to see you guys out there - it's going to be so fun. I just don't know if I'll be able to run if I'm trying to pinch my legs together so I don't pee my pants because I'm laughing so hard. Maybe that's your whole team strategy.... BASTARDS!

Team FAWESOME is bringin' it, so betta watch out! Say WHAT?!?!?!?!

Josh said...

This is pretty funny, Now I am even more excited to go to this race. I am thinking about dropping out just so I can watch!

Cahlah said...

Team "foursome", I believe you are missing a member... 4-1 = 3. But it's okay, I guess you don't really need intelligence to exercise. BOOYAA! :D
Seriously though, I am legitimately scared of looking the Big Green Mean Running machine in the eyes tomorrow. You might think this is a joke, but her super powers are forces not to be reckoned with.