Breaststroke Challenge

So how do you challenge a world-class athlete to a race? Require him to do the impossible. Earlier this week, Jessi and I challenged Rory to a breaststroke race. Now under any other circumstance we wouldn’t have a chance but today was different. As we gathered at the far end of the pool, the stage was set. Jessi and I would do normal breaststroke and Rory was going to have to swim with one arm and one leg…sounds impossible right…well that is exactly what I thought.

Posing for picture while holding one leg is almost as difficult as the swimming.

In true fashion, we had Kevin grab the camera and document the race. As the countdown began, I was sure there would be NO possible way this race was going to be close. Like, I seriously thought I would have time to touch the wall, turn around and swim back talking smack about how I just kicked his butt, even if he was swimming with one arm and leg...

I will let Jessi, explain the end of this video but it is absolutely hilarious. Sure wish we had about 2 more seconds worth.

As you will see from the video, Jessi and I get a great start and use a pull down to get a good gap on Rory...and then reality sets in. As we are swimming along, I constantly look to my left to see if he is there…do remember even though I thought I was going to dominate this race, you just never know.

About halfway down the pool, I start to see a hand slowly moving up next to me. The only thing going through my mind was… YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! There is no way this is possible. Before you know it I am swimming with absolutely ALL the strength I got. Now a good breaststroke might rely on form, I rely on strength and just try to fight the water as much as I can.

For a split second, I seriously thought I was going to get passed. Though I was able to hold him off, it was definitely a bit humbling to realize just how good Rory is at swimming. The guy is freaking phenomenal and yet another reason why you better come up with ANY advantage you can when you are in the pool.

Of course once we are done with the race, Jessi and I have to try and see if we can even do the one arm one leg breaststroke…

This is my second try and thank god the first one didn’t make it on video as Rory and Jessi almost drown laughing so hard.

So next time you are in da pool, give it a shot. Not nearly as easy as Rory makes it look.


Roger Thompson said...

Love the mt. biking. It was something that really broke up my training last year and created a phenomenal base for this season...which has been wasted :) Glad you find the same fun of going slower and enjoying the sights.


jessithompson said...

WHAT THE BUCK!?!?!? This was nuckin' futs. I am pretty sure that the year of the breast is officially over for me. ;) Rory tried to make me feel better by telling me that this is a "legitimate" breaststroke drill. Whatever, it didn't help. Right after I screamed when hitting the wall, I believe I yelled out... "I QUIT!" I'm pretty sure I didn't swear either. Lol... but the best part is that this humiliating show-down was unforgettable. And as we know - this is what makes training fun. This is what gets my ass to the pool at 5:30am. It's the great people and ALL the laughs :)

Next time, he can only use one arm and one leg on the *same* side AND I'm going off the effin' blocks. Bring it!

Rory Buck said...

You guys are the best. I love swimming with you in the mornings, it makes it all the more enjoyable. We should go for a run some time... Now that my foot has healed up from the last "2 mile" run :-)

SSB said...

This race cracked me up. Of course I look like that swimming breast stroke with two arms and two legs.