Ironman Coeur d' Alene 2010- IronFans!!!

There is really only one way to start out blogging about my Ironman experience. Though this might be considered one of the most difficult individual challenges one person can attempt, I truly feel that there is absolutely no possible way for an athlete to make it to this day and maximize their potential without the support of family and friends.

I fortunately have been blessed with amazing support from all sides. Even though my family thinks I am completely crazy for even attempting triathlons let alone an Ironman, they came out in full force to cheer me through the finish line. THANK YOU to everyone who came out. Not pictures was Brandi, Jeremy and Nikki.
The Team Anderson Support Crew
When it comes to friends, I might be a little bias but I am pretty sure I have the best IronFans out there. How often do you find people who will ninjafy (yes…I probably made it up) themselves and seek around in the dark decorating for a race. It all starts out civilian and in one quick transformation...you become Ninja! Jessi and Tiffany each have an account of their experiences...

While I was doing my best to try and sleep, my IronFan crew was hard at work!

The Lil' Ninja Emma...

My Awesome Sign...Thanks Natalie!!!

You have just been Ninjaed!
Seriously though, this is what makes Ironman so much fun. You have trained for so many months and it all boils down to one day, one experience and who else to share it with then some of the best people in the world. Roger, Jessi, Tiffany, Eric and Emma went all out...THANK YOU!!!

To all the Tri-Fusion teammates out there that cheered continously throughout the day. Honestly you guys are the best team around...hands down!!! Craig, Erica, Natalie, Greg, Trish, Merissa, Matt, Jessie, Stan and I am sure the many more I have forgotten. So many familiar faces really makes these races enjoyable!!!

I don't have a ton of pictures from the many others who came out to support at the race but THANK YOU to my good friends Rory, Carla, Damon, Joe, Erika, Jon, Jenny, Marci, Scott, Clayon, Richelle, Nicole, Berry, Jed, Kristin and Suzie. Seriously how cool is it to have a list that long of people to thank for coming out and cheering you on.

Clayton and Richelle

Carla and Rory (Rory is an IronFan Pro)
I can’t thank you all enough for the support throughout the year and right through race day. When you have a tough day like I experienced, its these people that help keep you moving step after step. Even though there are about 5 hours of last Sunday I would like to forget, there are countless others that I will keep forever.

As for the race report…stay tuned because it is on the way!!!


jessithompson said...

It was an honor to be out there supporting you! Just remember that one of the reasons you get support is because you give it. It's a beautiful cycle :)! Congratulations on your IM day - I know it was tough, but like a true IM, you prevailed and pushed through all the hurt. You are one tough B!