Post Ironman Recovery

After last years Ironman, I struggled to play a little hoopfest and then all be vanished off the workout/triathlon scene. I was fighting nagging injury after nagging injury and it was all I could do to get out the door and do well anything.
Fast-forward a year and it couldn't be a more different story. Though I was a bit sore the first few days after the race, I recovered much more quickly and honestly right now feel absolutely awesome. I think it has a bit to do with not pushing myself to the complete edge during the race but has more to do with me being in much better shape then ever before. My training leading up to the race was much smarter and in turn has turned out to be a blessing as I have already gone for multiple bike rides and even a run and swim. This didn't happen for a few weeks last year.

Even with the somewhat quick return to some training, I have found plenty of time to relax and just enjoy life and what you have to put on the back burner as you have to commit so much time to training the last couple of months leading up to an Ironman.

Over the 4th, I had a ton of family come to town from as far away as Brazil. I also had my sister come back to watch Ironman, so I was able to spend a bit of time with my niece Elli...aka The Cutest Niece Ever...but I might be a bit bias :)

Feeding Elli some glorified Cheerios...Gerber whatchmacallits!

Elli loves the swing we hung for her.

A Serious Moment ;)

Love this Picture!!!

My Cousin Aleesha and Bella
My Sister Jesica and Elli

3 Generations!!!


With her new Monkey from Teddy Bear Junction!!!

The day after Ironman was spent by the pool. There was no need to do anything else period!!!

So I get a text from Carla asking if I was relaxing...response:
"If you can call this relaxing"

Chilling with one of the best little IronFans around!!!

And even when you are back to work while all your teacher
friends are laying by the pool... ;)

I have slowly moved back into some sort of training regimen. There is no detailed schedule and really I do whatever I want when I want to. I have been back to the pool once and even went for a nice short run. Throwin' in a few short bike rides and honestly just enjoying getting back to moving around without the race hanging over my head.
Jessi and Adam on a post Ironman recovery/get back to it ride.

A couple of Roadies...well kinda :)

Great first ride back!!!
I can't tell you how nice it is to have some time to just relax and enjoy. With some perfect weather now approaching...get yourself out there and enjoy it!!! I know I will!


Tiffany said...

I LOVE post-Ironman Steve! I can actually keep up with him! ;)

Glad you're enjoying some very well deserved relaxation time! Soak it up!

jessithompson said...

I agree with Tiff and am STILL laughing about that picture of you "poolside" at work. SO FUNNY!

Linda Seppa Salisbury said...

Congratulations on doing another Ironman! What a super accomplishment! I loved seeing the pictures of how your friends decorated your truck and home, pre-race. :) I'm glad that your post-race recovery is going well.

Thanks for all of the love and support you give to Emma and Jessi. You are a wonderful friend, and it makes me so happy to know how much you care about both of them. It's mutual...they appreciate you too.

Hope to see you sometime this summer!
Love Linda
(Jessi's Momma and Emma's Nana) :)