Mountain Bikes ROCK...and JUMP...and SPLASH!!!

Here in the northwest...when triathlon season is over it is time to hit the trails for some mountain biking. Last weekend a group of us met up near the 7-Mile Bridge and Riverside State Park. This would be the first time I have actually rode these trails even though I grew up just a few miles away.

Even though the night temperatures are hovering just above freezing, the early morning rides are still managable. All you need to do is layer up just a bit. Plus with mountain biking, you are usually riding pretty slow so it is easy to keep your body temperature up.

Here are a few of the highlights from my ride with: Greg, Natatlie, Nate, Matt and Jessie

Riding over a pile of logs...because we can :)


Matt crusing down the trail.

The next set of shots are us launching off a rock that was next to the trail we were riding on. It made a perfect jump. I am pretty sure this is the LAST thing I should be doing on my bike as it could break at any second.





We did have a couple of crashes but only got one on film. After riding off the trail and into the shrubs on the side of the trail, over the handlebars he went.

Greg watching Nate crash.

Mountain Biking Carnage
 Here is another one of the sweet jumps we found.

Honestly, I feel like I was about 5 feet higher!
We also took a few videos. Check them out.

Getting a WAY to long run up to the jump.

Here is Nate having a little fun in a puddle.

Honestly, we are always looking for people to come out and ride. There are tons of great trails all over this area...and if you feel up to it, ROCKS, JUMPS and puddles to SPLASH through.


jessithompson said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Awesome pics, Keven! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Matt said...

good times, you've got some wicked moves Senor Steve! Nice riding with ya, will have to get out soon, I will be on my MTB most weekends for the next few months so just let me know if you want to ride. I will be trying new places locally and in CdA

Tiffany said...

Fun post, Keven! I especially loved the videos. Turtles do love water. :)

Nat said...

Loving your new post and so thankful that I got to share the mountain biking time with you! Can't wait for more fun off-season training together.