Update from Kona 2010

OK...so I have pretty much been MIA in the blog world besides a few race reports here and there. It's time to get this thing rollin' again and what better place to start then an update from the mecca of triathlon...Kona, Hawaii and the Ironman World Championships!

This is where is all begins on Saturday Morning!
Tomorrow, over 1,900 athletes will jump into the Kailua-Kona Bay and begin the 140.6 mile journey towards Ironman royalty. I have had the pleasure to know many athletes who have competed here and a few that will be attempting it for the first time. Whether it is your first or your 10th, lining up Saturday morning to begin the race has to be an amazing feeling.

Set up along Ali'i Drive.
Nothing like some GU along the road during some serious hot workouts!

Today I was fortunate to help out at the GU Energy booth and was able to speak with many athletes who are about to embark on this crazy race. It was very interesting to talk with them about where they were from, what race they qualified at and how they were feeling about the race.

I am not going to lie, there were many faces that showed fear...how could you not. This race is no joke, the winds on the way to Hawi, the heat of the Energy Lab...for many of these athletes there is no way for them to mimic these conditions, so I can easily see how it can be very overwhelming. But at the same time, talking with each athlete you could tell they felt ready. They had put in all the long hours, the hard days, the many sacrifices it takes to get here and honestly each and every one of them were going to go out there with dreams of hearing Mike Reilly tell them "You are and IRONMAN". They just wanted to race to start.

There is no doubt that someday it would be great to have the opportunity to race here and be that athlete with eye so wide and nerves so built. But this year I am going to be cheering these amazing athletes and watching their dreams come true.

Aloha from Kona!!!