2011 San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon - Race Report

The Good:
  • An 8:15am start
  • Passing the marathoners as they had already ran half of there race...kind of felt like Pre!
  • Runner chicks...nuff said
  • Crossing the finish line...and adding my 2nd open Half Mary to the books
  • Food in the VIP area
  • Post race massage...AWESOME!!!

The Bad:
  • The thought of running 13.1 miles
  • Waking up at 5:20am
  • Averaging a Heart Rate of 185 for the race...is that healthy?
  • Every single uphill
  • Miles 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13, and .1
  • Every single downhill
  • Getting chicked by camo and flower skirt girls...it was down to the wire...ok just Mile 11 or so
  • Walking around lost trying to find said awesome VIP area after the race...even though I was there before the race
  • My SI and hip being done with about 3 miles to go
  • Ohh Yeah...and running 13.1 miles

The Ugly:
  • Getting a blister on top of a blister
  • Having said blister break open mid race (though it actually felt better)...
  • Walking to the Bart Station and back to my apartment...had the gangsta limp workin'

Seriously...WHAT WAS I THINKING!?! ;)

In all honesty, even though the race didn't go as planned (though there really wasn't a plan), San Francisco puts on a great event. The organization, the pre and post race festivities, the on-course management, this was a top notch race from start to finish and glad I was able to get out there and run!!!


Why said...

WTF!! THey can't all be PR's, phew.. especially not in SF. Way to finish and it can only make the next race that goes well even sweeter.
Mike :)

Matt said...

bummer that the bad is such a HUGE list.. Hope next race goes better, just have fun, rest will follow!