January Workouts: Part 2- Master's Swims

Last year when I joined these Master's swims I really had no idea what to expect. I knew there were a ton of great athletes and then there was me. When I first arrived I really didn't know what lane to join or really how to attack these workouts. After a brief time in Lane B (medium distance) I jumped to the back of Lane A. These are the fast swimmers so I really don't know what I was thinking but there were to many people in Lane B, so go big or go home right?

Swimming our sets at OZ Fitness!

Jump forward to this year and I have yet to leave this lane. The workouts seem to be getting tougher and everyone is definitely getting faster. I know that I am much faster than last year but I am still struggling to keep up with everyone in this lane. It is difficult to get dropped set after set, swim after swim but all I know is that if I don't stick with it I will never get better. And just like last year, if I don't make it through the whole workout with the group, I am off to finish it at the end. Rule 76!

I think we had 23 or 24 people at this swim.

One of the only things that keeps me going is the awesome encouragement by my teammates. They can tell we you are feeling good and they can tell when you are suffering. They know when to push you and when to let you be by yourself.

Some of my awesome workout partners.

It is not that I wouldn't get in the pool by myself but I can definitely say that there is no way I would work as hard as I do if I wasn't surrounded by such awesome athletes and even better people.


M-Dot said...

Can't wait to see the results at ironman!
You have absolutely just bucked up and are on a good steady roll. The people do help though don't they...
Keep it up just a few months until the big test.

M & J

Tiffany said...

Couldn't agree more! These work outs are so freaking hard, but it feels pretty awesome after you complete them. Glad we have such an awesome crew to push us!

jessithompson said...

TRU DAT! I would never go this hard without all of you. Thanks for all the encouragement, support, and mutual suffering... you're a great workout buddy!

Matt said...

I noticed that too, if everyone is getting faster, ya cant catch up...I feel ya, the swims are a suffer fest, but your following da rulz and playing like a champ! Great work Steve!