January Workouts: Part 3- Headlamp Runs

Running was never something I really enjoyed. I didn't mind workout out and going for a jog every now and then but that is not running. With the stuggle of my knee hopefully behind me and the holiday season finally in the past, I have taken a new approach to my run workouts and I hope it pays off.

If I were to say I needed to focus on any one of the three sports in triathlons, I think running is where I would start. It is the final test in each race and after a few terrible finishes in my half-ironmans last year, I want to make sure this doesn't happen again. THere was more to it then just the training but you have to start somewhere.

Since early December the Gallaghers have offered up their home for us to meet at and run a few loops around their neighborhood. Once again in true Tri-Fusion style we finish it up with a awesome dinner and chit chatting.

A great group heading out for a run.

Last week I really wanted to test myself and see how far along I was in my training. I hadn't really ran much over the holidays and just wanted to get an idea on where I was at physically and mentally in running.

After a brief discussion with Nate and Eric we were off to run a 8-9 mile loop and a fairly fast pace. My legs were feeling good and I wanted to test them. Our pace slowly picked up until we were cruising right along at sub-7 minute miles. I would have thought we were flying except for the fact that Roger passed us like we were standing still.

Enjoying some post run dinner and dessert. And yes triathletes love ice cream, brownies and cookies.

Overall the run was great and I know for a fact that I have never ran that far at a 7:04 pace especially this early in the season. As long as my body allows me to improve I am going to keep a strong commitment to running and hope for some strong results.

I also joined 2 of the 3 best A+ workout partners (Jessi was doing a swim workout that I am kinda glad I missed:) for a run on the centennial trail.

Myself, Tiffany and Tim before the run.
Acting tough, since we are running outside in some crazy weather.

Tiffany, Tim and I scheduled a run downtown in hopes of encouraging some more Tri-Fusion members to join in. Since the weather was beginning to warm up the trail had a great compacted path to follow.

The centennial trail we ran on for about 30 minutes.

The run was definitely not the longest or most difficult run I have done but it was an absolute blast. We were dogging MOST of the puddles and it was nice to change up the scenery and try something new.

Standing in one of the puddles along our run.

What goes up!

Must come down!

With a new focus on getting stronger and faster at running, I know without these workouts I would be right back at the beginning.

I would like to also thank the Gallagher's for hosting our headlamp runs every Thursday. They open their house to all of us week in and week out. They provide a great dinner and the social aspect is top notch. I can't count how many great stories have been told and how many more have yet to be shared. Stan when are you coming back?


Tiffany said...

Nice work on your last run! You are a total rock star!

Although our Centennial Trial run wasn't a hard core work out, it was fun as all hell. I'm obsessed with that last picture of you and Timmers. Hilarious!

jessithompson said...

You are awesome, Keith! All of this hard work is going to pay off big time. Your dedication and commitment will come back to you ten fold. Thanks for all the fun runs!

Matt said...

I wish I was there to play in the puddles...man they make your feet feel like 5 lb bricks when your running, Rog led us into one the following night...

7:04, nice keep it up!

Michael W. Bergquist said...

Nice work with that run. I've always thought you had the right mind set to get a lot faster. It takes time, but you're always making progress. You're going to need it for the last 26.21875 miles of that 140.6.

LORIE said...

Hi Steve-o. I like the look of the blog. Sounds like you're making good progress and that all this training is paying off. Good job.

M-Dot said...

Steve, You are rock'n along the way. Look at you go!! What improvements. Who knew you'd become a tristar!!! When your brothers talked you into the first mini you did and then you got hooked... Way cool.

When are you going to make a trek out to the valley swims??? We can always use another body.;)

See you next Saturday


jessithompson said...

I like the look of the new blog. It looks very "Edward-like" which of course is the greatest compliment I can pay you. ;)