Mountain Bike Mondays and a Gift from Me to You!!!

Mountain Bike Mondays...

In my training schedule Mondays are usually pretty easy days. I try to get a swim done in the mornings and spend the rest of the day relaxing and gearing up for the week of work and workouts. If the legs are feeling fresh and the weather cooperates, I really like to get outside and jump on the mountain bike. The speed of riding on the road can be fun but there is just something about getting off the asphalt and onto the dirt that really make riding off-road enjoyable.

Me and the Goose overlooking Wandermere Golf Course

I do my best to try and rope in anyone who is interested and head for the trails. This week Nate, Greg and I headed out to see what trouble we could get ourselves in. This time we headed up to the bluff overlooking the Wandermere golf course and were presented with a pretty awesome view.

Nate riding the trails.

A Tricky Descent

Greg and Nate cruising along...

Greg and Nate discussing if it is possible to ride down the face of the cliff...we decided to take the long way down.

Great View!!!

Riding the mountain bikes is a great change in pace and really helps to replenish the tank after a long weekend of tough workouts.

Also a few weeks ago, GU Energy sent me out the new GU Performance Energy Sampler. Now I have tried many of the GU products throughout my training but having the opportunity to try so many different flavors in one easy place...Very Cool.

GU Performance Energy Sampler

You get 9 GU Energy Gels, all 3 GU Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gels, 2 bags of GU Chomps, 2 packets of GU Electrolyte Brew and 1 packet of GU Recovery Brew. This gives you a great chance to figure out what combination of each will help you stay hydrated and keep your energy levels up throughout your workout or race.

Some other exciting news of GU is the new flavor gel...Mandarin Orange. I have already used a few of these on my workouts and I can tell you, they can't get these out fast enough. Unfortunately, they won't be out until July but keep your eyes open and be sure to give them a try...unless you keep reading and you might not have to wait.

As for the Gift from Me to You...I have a GU Sampler that I plan to give away. All you need to do is comment on this post and you are entered. It's that EASY and you get $35+ in free supplements!!! I will do a random number drawing and will contact the winner for your mailing information. There is a good chance...a definite possibility you will be receiving a few packets of the new Mandarin Orange gels to try out. Sorry I couldn't resist!!!

Raffle ends on Sunday May 30th at 11:59 PM. So have your comment submitted by then.

"GU Energy provided the Performance Energy Sampler free of charge for me to review and the opinions of this post are mine"


Matt said...

I will have to give you a tour of some sweet mtb trails over in Riverside on the 24 hr course, it may give ya a new meaning to tricky climbing and descending ;)

Rory Buck said...

Would it be considered an "unfair advantage" when your house mate wins all the GU? I don't think it should be, so please please "pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, me, me, m, m, m!" * please picture over excited kid in the front row of the classroom with his hand fully extended in the air :-)

Anonymous said...

Did you say "gift"? I love gifts! I have been looking forward to the new Mandarin Orange! Thanks for the updates on your drive to Ironman Coeur d'Alene. Enjoy the ride!

Craig T

Tiffany said...

I think this is just a ploy to find out who your blog stalkers are! ;)

Awesome pics from your ride! What a view!

Spokane Al said...

I would really like to be considered for your GU drawing - thanks!

And your pictures get me thinking that perhaps I should get off the road every now and then.

Anonymous said...



Clare said...

Hey...found your blog by accident while doing a search for "ironman cda", and excited to see the Gu giveaway. See you in Idaho!

Anonymous said...

great marketing plan... I'm in for the GU contest!

jk Gu-ing

Cristopher Lucas said...

I like GU very much.
I have eaten GU on several occasions.
I am running low on GU.
I will need GU soon.

Thanks GU for this possibility of winning.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Steve-

Glad you're getting into mountain biking - we'll have to ride sometime.
Put me down for some GU, please!

Rodger McKeon