Running the trails of Redwood Park...

With the asphalt roads and concrete sidewalks getting rather boring, I have been trying to get out and see what running trails are near my apartment. Now by near, I unfortunately don't be just down the block like back home but close enough to drive and not feel like I am in the car all day.

A couple weekends ago I was feeling pretty recovered...or basically I skipped a few workouts during the week and thought it might be best to go torture myself on a long trail run. Having no idea where to go, I googled 'trail run east bay' and came up with a local race that happened back in February. The website had detailed descriptions of the course, maps, elevations and turn-by-turn directions...basically a perfect fit for a guy who has no idea where anything is around here.

Not sure this elevation map does ANY justice on exactly how steep some of these sections were.

I had rode past the entrance to Redwood Park on "My Favorite Loop" ride a few times and when I found the trail run online, I knew this was where I was going to go. I loaded up with a few gels, a camera and my directions and was off for a 20K or about 12.5 miles. This was going to be my longest run in basically forever and throw in the difficulty of trails, I knew it was going to be tough.

Nice clear path after a super steep climb to start off...but I am starting to understand
no mater what sport you are doing here, it is uphill. I am just waiting to swim uphill next.

Another Amazing View

Cool Cover Trail

Loved this part.

Stream Trail- 3 miles home
West Ridge Trail- 6 miles home
Only one way to go...
Some single track trails...was definitely worried about Poison Oak but
pretty hard to tell with all the other plants. 

I really enjoyed the run. I might have been a bit overzealous when I picked the 20k loop as I was struggling quite a bit near the end but I made it back to my car in one piece. And with any trail run will come a bath for my legs in rubbing alcohol to make sure I do not get another case of Poison Oak. 

The smell is intoxicating...I should probably start
marketing it as a body wash, Axe has nothing on me :) 
I do feel like I am finally getting some running legs under me and though I can't say that I love running, once I get out there no matter how hard it gets, I am really starting to enjoy running...though it could definitely use a touch or sounds of my peeps from the northwest to make it even better.


Nat said...


I'm glad you're getting to know some trails to run around on, but don't get too familiar with them!

I miss you and wish you'd just get over California already and come on back where you belong :) I still look for you in your old truck, hope you'll show up to Whitworth masters and expect to see you at our group gatherings. Spokane isn't the same without you!

I look forward to running some trails with you when you come and visit in a few weeks!


Tiffany said...

For some reason, none of the pics are showing up on your blog for me. They are just little, empty squares and when I click on them, it says, "Unable to connect." Sounds like it was a gorgeous run. Why can't I see it?

Tiffany said...

Wow! I might actually trail run if I lived there! Gorgeous!

Kiet said...

Looks like you've discovered running in my backyard, love Redwood, did a video to a run there a couple of months ago.

jessithompson said...

Really cool pics, Keven. Looks so beautiful there, for Cali that is ;)! Can't wait to see you soon!