My New Favorite Bike Loop and the road called Butters!!!

I have found it rather difficult to "know" where to go ride. I have been on some great rides since I got down here but not always knowing exactly where we went. Plus it can always be difficult trying to get out of the city and onto these rural roads. A few weeks ago, a buddy took me on this route that I thought was pretty cool and even though the 3:00+ ride was a bit more than I was bargaining for at the time, it was still great to see some new roads.

The road called Butters :)
Fast forward to yesterday and I was on my own trying to remember where we went and exactly how we got there. After looking at a map and a quick mental note on where to turn, I headed out the door. I am never too worried since I have a smart phone with Google Maps on it and even if that fails, a good rule of thumb is to head towards to ocean...and then try and find your way home.

Always some amazing views at the top of the climbs.
This is a perfect weekend route. It is just over 25 miles and takes about 1:45 to complete if you are out to work hard but not try to push your self to exhaustion. Just like EVERY single ride here, it starts off with climbing...like averaging 10.5 mph for the first 40 minutes of the ride...climbing. You just go up and then up again and the in case you thought that was fun you go up a little bit more. The ride has just over 2,200 feet of climbing but what goes up must come down, so there are some great technical descents on winding roads. How can a ride not be some road names like: Skyline, Redwood and of course Butters...

Some small trees next to the roads :)
The hidden Post Office- This place is famous for being close to nothing.
And what would a good ride be without the random Stop signs
in the middle of nowhere...and the cars actually stop which can't be
said for ANY other Stop Sign in the state of California :)
I know I am not the first person to find this route but as of today I am going to claim it as "My Weekend Loop". There are opportunities to easily add additional miles if I need to and you are protected from the constant winds that seem to make sure I am ALWAYS riding into a head wind. So its pretty much MINE now :) Hopefully it helps me get my butt out the door without the hour or so of me telling myself that it will be fun.

So if you are ever in the Bay Area and want to go for a ride just let me know. I have the PERFECT one all planned out.


Tiffany said...

Looks beautiful! Glad you're finding some rides to call your own. :)