Blue Lake: Race Report

The morning of the race started out just like Saturday with an early pickup from the Swansons. Instead of rushing out the door like yesterday I was actually ready before thte arrived and was out on the front porch when they pulled up. We made our routine stop at the conveience store, and this time I was out so fast Tim and Andy couldn’t believe their eyes.

We once again arrived before the opend the gates and spent a few mintues waiting in line to get in.

Benefits of showing up early. I was able to get a spot on the end of the rack. This really helps with transition times.
Today was my day to race while Tim and Andy helped me out. I am use to doing all this by myself but it was nice to have the helping hand. As I was setting up my transition area the Tri-Fusion people started to pour in. And I don’t mean like the drip out of your leaky fascet at home but more like the recent rainy rides I have been so fortunate to attend. I am pretty sure we had at least one bike at every bike rack in the area. We were everywhere. It was a great time hearing everyone’s stories and watching their pre-race rituals.
Before I knew it, it was time to get the wetsuit on and head down to the lake. Unlike Boise I was in one of the first waves to go. The water was warm and I was feeling pretty good about the race. Not sure if what I am doing, I may be trying to intimidate my competition. These starts were a deep water start so all the green caps got in formation and were ready for the countdown. This was only my second race swim of this distance and I didn’t really know if Boise was a fluke. Through the entire race I really never felt tired or fatigued. Most people would be thrilled with this but I took it as not pushing hard enough. This is a difficult balance I am finding is hard to rein in. I am in the best condition of my life and I am really not sure how hard to go.

Iam the one with the green cap.
The swim went pretty well, except for my first punch in the eye. That was definitely something I hope doesn’t happen again any time soon. Overall my goal was to swim between 25:00-28:00 minutes (I know it is a big gap but I found it difficult to gage from Boise). Overall swim: 28:00
T1 went pretty smooth and really didn’t have too much of a problem. I am not sure if it is actually legal but I was able to pass about 4 people between the water and the transition area. They were just running way to slow.

This course was dead flat. Some people really enjoy this type of race but I think I like to throw in a few climbs here and there. After being able to pass a few people at Boise on the hills I think it may be to my advantage.

Here I am sporting Tim's aero helmet. I am not sure if it help but I sure thought I looked fast:) Thanks buddy.
Since Boise I have really been focusing on staying in aero postion throughout my rides. Because the course was so flat this was really going to be important. I am pleased to say that I was in aero for about 95% and only twice came out of aero because of fatigue. I really wasn’t sure how my time would translate but I was hoping for 1:10. Overall bike: 1:07:32

Then it was off to the run. After Boise I really didn’t know how my body would react during the race. I had done a few small bricks since but nothing at a race pace. Early in the race I had decided to run without a single split. If you know me I always take my splits just to see how I am doing. Not today, it was all on feel.
The run portion of the race was great. There was to stitch or achilles pain, but a good overall run. I felt strong throughout the entire 6.2 miles and felt I finished pretty strong. It would have been great if I could have passed a few more of my age group but it turns out 11 of the top 36 were my age. I would have had to knock off 10 minutes to catch 11th. WOW! I am very pleased about the time and I actually feel that I might have been able to push it just a bit more. Maybe next time. I had set my goal to run a 7:00/mile pace and was “somehow” able to finish with a 6:49.8/mile. Overall run: 42:22

Overall Time: 2:21:36

I would have loved to break 2:20 but this just shows me how much more work I have to do to get where I want to be.

As I finished I saw Jessi in the medical tent and I knew something was wrong. This is the toughest girl I know and she didn’t look good. After a quick check on her to make sure she was ok, I headed out to find Tiffany. I knew she was probably expecting to see Jessi and with her bum bum she was not going to make it. I quickly found Tiff and helped run her in. She says I pushed her but she was definitely doing the pushing. I was so impressed with her pace and how she finished so strong. This was my first ever Northwest Team Championship and I can definitely tell you it will not be my last. These athletes so amazing and such fun people I really don’t know how people enjoy triathlons without OUR group. There are always smiles on everyone’s faces. It doesn’t matter if they are nervous because it is their first olympic or because they are in pain from an injury, they are always in a good mood and the laughter is definitely contagious.

Afterwards we headed to McMenimans for some food, sorta, with a few of the Tri-Fusionites. It is always nice to relax and hear about how everyone's races went. Apparently when I decided to sit at the big table thinking I would be joined by SOMEONE, I had been mistaken. I am not sure what the problem was.

Where is everybody. Why am I sitting by myself?

Is it because I smell? I didn't shower after the race, so that could be it.

Finally people showed up. I guess they can stand my stench.

Here is my Superstahh teammate at dinner. If you haven't see Saturday Night Live then shame on you:)

This was a fantastic with plenty of laughs, lots of hardwork and some amazing results. What a fun race and looking forward to defending out championship next year.


Chris said...

Looks like another great race Steve! I'm back getting my fitness on at the gym here. I think by the end of summer I'll be able to beat you at 100 triathlons. Let me know what you're doing for the 4th. I know you have a race but you'll sorta be in my neighborhood. Talk to you later!

jessithompson said...

You are such a stud in countless ways... I'm thrilled for your awesome race result. It was a solid race all the way around. But can we talk about that run pace? WHAAAT? When I grow up... I so appreciated you checkin' in with me after the race. I was hurtin' FO SHO, so I appreciated being able to squeeze ya and that you told my 'injury' story to spare me :)... as well as goin' back to run my girl in. Thanks buddy - you are really A+!

Hundrey said...

You rocked this one and beat your goal so HIGH5! WOOWHO! You are Just Climbn the charts and maken the guys start to skae in there wetsuits... I had a chance to make a rhymm so I did... Ok so I am a major dork LOL!
Thanks for all the cheering and Support and careing words of encouragement.
Can't wait to see you keep rack in those PR's and kickn serious bootay!

Michelle and Jay

Kim said...

Congrats Steve. Your race sounded awesome! And yahoo for our team victory too!
Glad to see your loosening up a bit. That pic with Phaedra is a hoot. :-)

Josh said...

Nice work. It sounds like you had allot of fun. maybe next year I can make this race it sounds like a blast. Keep up the good work.

Tiffany said...

Way to go, Steve! You rocked this race! How you run so freaking fast, I will never know!!! And regardless of what you say, you totally pushed me out there! Thanks so much for coming to get me!