Just Keep Truckin'

Monday was my first official Whitworth master swim. I was kind of nervous not really knowing what to expect. The only person I thought I would see there that I knew was Roger and even that wasn’t for sure since he just got back from World’s in Vancouver. Fortunately I was able to meet up with Tiff and Phaedra. This is the first time Team Superstahh had been reunited in quite some time. A little background is that Pheadra and I joined to Sunday’s with Martin swims about the same time and both tried to find the courage to swim in Lane A. Since Team A+ was already taken we had to go with the only thing better:), hence Team Superstahh.

It had been quite some time since I had been in the pool and it really felt good to get going again. I really want to swim faster but haven’t been taking the steps to get me there. I really think joining these master swims is the key and improvement with begin to show. Just like in the old Sunday swims, Tiffany was super fast and completely destroyed me. I think my goal will be to keep up with her by the end of the summer. I have some serious work to do and if it happens I will be stoked.

Tuesday’s BLT was pretty rough. The weather was cold so I had to bundle up in all my winter gear. I was unable to make the first loop and when I showed up for the second, there was nobody in sight. I was hoping to have at least one person to share the pain with. I kept talking to Tim and Josh hoping to talk one of them into the loop and really just trying to stall long enough to not have to ride. Well eventually Tim talked me into doing the loop by myself with the old “You will not Regret it” speech. So off I went and did the BLT loop backwards just for a change of pace. I finished the ride off with a nice 3.5 mile brick with Tim and overall it felt good.

Since Tim and I have been running at similar paces, our last few weeks of workouts have been done together. So on Thursday Tim had mentioned something like a 4-6 mile easy pace run and after yesterday’s brick workout that sounded pretty good. Well the “NICE and EASY” run turned into Tim trying to leave me in the dust.

As we were heading back I noticed the pace started to pick up. I was ok with this because my legs still felt pretty good. Next thing I know it gets even faster and all I could think about was this was going to be easy. Apparently Tim had other plans and he was actually trying to drop me multiple times (I learned that after the run was over). I wasn’t going to have any of that and did all I could to stay on his hip. It was still a great run but REALLY, next time if he would let me know, I would have put it into an extra gear and really made him work:) This was my last really workout until this weekend when I head down to Portland for the Blue Lake Triathlon. This should be a blast.


Michael W. Bergquist said...

That story reminded me of the good ol' days. I was amused that Tim continually tried to drop you on the run after he successfully encouraged you to do the ride alone. It's more fun for the person trying to do the dropping, but I just don't see you as the type of person to give in. I've got an awesome pic of me crossing the finish line at the Armed Forces Championship. I look deathly. I'd bet you're going to have pics like that too. Some people just don't have surrender in them and somehow get better at pushing way too hard. You going to do Trailblazer this weekend?

Hundrey said...


You Rock way to get'em posted!!!! :) You are a stud out there. You will so get the swim down and be finishn faster than you ever concieved. We just know IT! Get the achilles rested and come out for a swim Friday am if you can for fun the group would LOVE it! You could hitch a ride with Jay or someone North I'm sure.
Keep up the awesome work.
Thank you so much for the awesome support at Blue Lake it has gone a long way for an ag who's turn'n 40 this year but is not feeln' her age.;) And that walk was rather reflevtive and a good lesson too. I owe everyone an appology It was 4:15 Ouch!

Have a good one see you Sunday

Michelle and Jay

jessithompson said...

I love that you and Timmers have found each other... AH... long lost brothers.