Reardan Mule Chase 2008

This Saturday I decided to enter my first Reardan Mule Days Mule Chase. A little background is that I went to school in the small town of Reardan for 8 years until graduated there in 2000. I really don’t make it back there to often and now that I am into this whole triathlon and fitness thing I thought it only right to head out and do the 10k as a workout. I was able to rope Tim and Trish into joining me and at about 7:15 am we headed out to Reardan. After a quick signup we got all lined up.

Pre-Race: It was a bit chilly but overall were pretty good conditions for a run.

The race directed started out telling us that the 10k runners will follow the white truck and you will only take right turns the entire time. Sounds easy enough right. Well like I said this is my first ever Mule Chase and I started to wonder how we were going to find our way if the white truck got to far ahead. I am never at the front of the pack and wouldn’t know the half about following a lead vehicle in a race.

As the fire truck siren sounded, I bet you were expecting a shotgun or some other firearm but no we started the race after the siren went off. Tim and I planned to pace each other throughout the race. The first mile as pretty quick at 6:07 but as the miles added up so did the time. It really didn’t help that the wind and rain picked up. This was pretty exciting since it was now the 6th workout in a row that it has rained. This has to be some sort of record for the Spokane area. Does anyone have anything close?

Notice we are a bit closer trying to stay warm after another rain soaked workout.

I was able to finish the race pretty strong. I officially came in 3rd but Tim was right behind me and could have easily passed me if he wanted to. Read his blog on the fear he had on taking down a local legend:). I was glad I got out there and was able to run strong. We finished with a 6:33 pace. This was definitely a challenge and I can’t wait until I can carry that pace into the 10k during a triathlon. Someday, Somehow!


Tiffany said...


Great job out there! I love that you did this race. Looks like you and Tim should be clear of those nasty weather workouts now too. :)

jessithompson said...

You guys are studs... battling the elements and bein' chased by mules. Niiiice. :)