Swimming Away!!

This week involved 3 consecutive days of attending the Master’s swim at 5:00am. I think it actually might be harder to get up then it is to do the workout. Boy were my arms tired, but I am really starting to see a difference which is nice. My stroke feels stronger and I think I am actually getting faster. It is amazing what can happen when you ACTUALLY go to the pool on a regular basis.

I threw in two loops during the BLT. I am trying to focus on riding with my cadence between 90-95 to try and gain a little power. I probably should have done this earlier in the year but I have been noticing a difference. When I race I am typically between 100-103 and when my cadence drops in the low 90’s I really feel like I am draining my power. I want to feel more comfortable during the races and give myself a wider range to ride in.

We had our monthly Tri-Fusion meeting where it was announced that I am running for the Membership Director position. I have some tough competition (myself) so I plan to run a tough campaign. There will be no holding back. This new adventure should be exciting and allows me to get more involved in the club.

This weekend is the annual Trailblazer triathlon in Medical Lake and of course Ironman. Trailblazer was my second ever triathlon in 2006 and I really enjoy seeing how much I have improved from year to year. I have definitely put more training in so it should be a blast.

Hope everyone had a great week.