BYOP 2008- Bring Your Own Pumpkin

This year was my first BYOP Party hosted by the Byrd’s. They were breaking in their new house in style, beer and pumpkins. What could be better? In true fashion, there is a contest to see who can crave the most creative pumpkin. I really can’t remember the last time I carved a pumpkin so I was actually pretty excited to get back in the game.

A few weeks ago, Tiffany made a comment that Jessi was sure I was going to come up with something good and win. At this point in time I had put no thought into it and the pressure began to build. Now I had to show up and represent in true A+ style.

Enjoying a little bit of pumpkin guts. I had to be one with the pumpkin.

I came up with one idea about a week before the competition was to begin but had yet to find the pumpkin to execute my plan. So after the long search for the perfect pumpkin, a whole 3 minutes at the Fred Meyer boxes, I found my pumpkin palette.

The craving began not with a knife but with a green marker and after about 15 minutes of drawing out my design before I began to carve my pumpkin. After many confused glances by my fellow competitors my design began to take shape. Slow removing piece after piece, my pumpkin was “actually” turning into a success.

After a few additions (or was it subtractions) here and there my masterpiece was complete and I walked away with first place, and that never happens when I am around other triathletes:)

Thanks again to the Byrd’s for hosting an awesome party and already looking forward to next year.

PS: Hopefully you can see what it is and if not, think triathlete.


jessithompson said...


You brought it... full on A+ style. I couldn't believe what you came up with and how perfect it looked. The designs were so symmetrical. Unbelieveable! One of my favorite parts was how you carved the sunglasses with the scraper so that some light would come through but also gave the effect of the frames.

Good luck topping that one next year!


Tiffany said...

Oh you brought it A+ style - there's no doubt about that! Your pumpkin was seriously amazing! Unfortunately, it's resembling a raisin in my basement right now!

Congrats on first place! You deserved it! Pressure's on for next year... :)

LORIE said...

This pumpkin is amazing!!! I am soooooo impressed! WOW. Tough to top!

M-Dot said...

Awesome pumpkin! I immediately knew what it was. Nice job!

Kelli Rydeen and Family said...

As I look at your pumpkin I am humming "bad to the bone". Nice job. Way to throw it all on the table and leave with the win!

Phaedra Cote said...

That's one awesome pumpkin.