Rule 76: No Excuses. Play like a Champion!

We are the Champions!!

Well I wish I was talking about my Cougars and how they smashed the OSU Beavers but that just isn’t the case. Plain and simple we got our butts kicked up and down the field and we are just not good. To boot our third string quarterback is now out for the season. Since they were having open tryouts for students last week maybe this week it will be open to former students. Better watch out:)

On a brighter side, TEAM Ramrod, aka D-League Champions kicked some serious softball ass on Sunday. Let me breakdown our season real quick. We sucked! We won a total of 3games out of 11 games and the majority of the time the games were stopped short because we were down by so many runs.

That brings us to Sunday and the D-League tournament. The format goes, you win and move on, you lose and go home. This was my debut at first base and I even made a since snag on one hit towards me.

We started the first game like we did many throughout the year giving up a ton of runs. We fought our way back and won the game on a 2 run single in the bottom of the seventh, by yours truly, not to brag or anything:) The second was much of the same but this time we had to come back from 12 runs down and we won the game by one run.

The final game was a bit of a blowout as our offense came alive and we mercy ruled the other team 24-5 in the 3rd or 4th inning. I really didn’t plan to have the majority of my Sunday taken up by softball since we had been so bad but it was definitely a ton of fun winning each game and coming home with the championship.

I am not sure if or when I will get my shot at having the trophy for week but when it happens be sure there will be a party. I don't think we will be able to drink out of it like they do with the Stanley Cup but who cares.


LORIE said...

Well Champ. . .. I like hearing about other things in your life. COOL. And. . . the cougars do suck this year. . .so disappointing. :-(. Hope to see you soon.

Hows training going for the World Champions?

M-Dot said...

Fun reading, Thanks Steve! Hope you're feeling better. Knee and finger. Yea it's tough being a coug right now. But, that's what it's about for the faithful. Pain when it's bad and glory when it's great. Most people just don't realize that they too are cougs; after all we all bleed crimson. :)
See ya Wed.

M & J

Tim Swanson said...

Please please please, whatever you do, DO NOT go try out for the Cougs QB job. You are hurt enough already. I think even joking about being a WSU QB might get you hurt. That job is cursed.
Sorry we had to put such a pounding on ya... :) Now aren't you glad we didn't take that long ass road trip to see the game?