My First 5K: Tri-Fusion Style

I am now in my third year of triathlons but had yet to actually race a 5K. I have ran Bloomsday a few times but nothing that short. Since my running is just now coming back to me I really didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to see how the knee would do but at the same time it still needs to stay together for two more weeks.

The Tri-Fusion 5K was held on the Mead cross-country course. I have run on trails before but never raced cross-country. Running from dirt to sand to a track surface and grass was going to really test how I was feeling. After running a couple of test laps earlier in the week I was ready to go. I wasn’t sure how to attack the race and after a brief conversation with J-Deere (formally known as J-Dogg), Jessi Thompson, there is only one way to race.

I knew there was no way I would win this thing or even be in the top 10. The only goal I had set was to try and finish under 20 minutes. I wanted to go out and test my endurance.


Me and my trusty knee strap.


The first mile started out fast, like 5:57/mile fast. The only way I was going to keep up this pace was if I had wings and a little jet pack, but I did feel good and the goal was to test the limits. The second mile was quite a bit slower as I could feel my legs begin to slow and hit Mile 2 at 12:45 running 6:48/mile.

At this point I was almost home and did my best to push until the end. I ran the last 1.1 miles in 7:15 which was good for a 6:35/mile pace. I finished the race in 20th place with a time of 20:00. Sounds like I have a new favorite number. Maybe next time when I am running down the finish shoot and can barely breath I will look at the clock and just push that much harder.


Finishing strong, just not strong enough!


I seem to always set my goals just out of reach. I guess I am have a better understanding of my fitness but I also need to push myself just a bit farther out of my comfort zone to attain those goals. They are close but just out of reach.

Overall it was a fun race and the knee felt great. I am getting ever more optimistic to see what happens in Clearwater.


jessithompson said...

Way to go, Keith. You are bad ass and seriously fast. Are you sure you still wanna do IM next season? ;) Way to go, buddy!

Tiffany said...

Nice work! Sounds like you had a great race and I'm glad to hear your knee held up!

By the way, your new nickname for Jessi is PERFECT!!!! LOL!!!

Tim Swanson said...

I hate you. You are too fast. Ok, just kidding. About the hate thing :) You kicked my ass AND you are still injured! WTF??? I am kinda glad I am not doing IMCDA next year, cause I would not want to see how many hours you would beat me by.
Nice work out there. Glad to see you being able to get some solid workouts in. I'm feeling good things are coming for ya in Clearwater. Suprise World Champion!!! You are gonna shock the world just like Chrissy Wellington!!

LORIE said...

Good job at the 5k. I didn't realize this was your first. I witnessed your first. It was great to see you. I enjoyed cheering for you in person! I will be cheering for you during Clearwater!

Phaedra Cote said...

You kicked my butt...like usual. I can't believe you did exactly 20 minutes. one second? just one second was all you needed. Good news is, you know you'll do it next time.

Clearwater! I'm gonna miss out but I'll be cheering from here.