Cougar Football Saturday!! Well....Sorta

Saturday morning I tackled yet another repair on my car. By no means am I a mechanic but I am a guy and I think I have just enough understanding to really get me in trouble. The tasks this time included replacing the valve cover gasket, spark plug wires and spark plugs. Since our makeup softball game was canceled I was able to get a pretty early start.

Valve Cover Off :

About halfway through the fun and having my car all torn apart my buddy, Joe calls me one last time to see if I wanted to go down to Pullman with his wife and friends for the Coug game. We were playing the University of Oregon and after watching Oregon State pull off the huge upset on Thursday, I just thought this might me our day.

All Back Together :)

So after finally putting my car back together and even though Joe had already left I decided it would be fun to get down for a game. I was able to talk my buddy Chris into driving down since I wasn’t that confident in my mechanic skills. We left Spokane around noon and made it down in time to say hi to a few old friends and check out all the work that has been done on the stadium. I am not sure how many of you go to Cougar games but the new stadium renovations are pretty freaking cool. They even put in new bathrooms which might be the best part.

Checking out the New Renovations

For those of you who don’t know I was a football equipment manager for the Washington State while I was getting my degree in Landscape Architecture. I was fortunate enough to travel to many road games and three consecutive bowl games. In hindsight I was actually extremely spoiled with all the success we had because lately we are just plain not good. I really hope Paul Wulff can turn things around but is definitely a work in progress.

I had a great time seeing old friends, I just wish I could say the same for watching the game. On the second play of the game we fumbled and Oregon scored shortly after. On the ensuing kickoff we fumbled again and before the drunken alumni could stumbled across the street into the stadium we were already down by 14.

After THREE straight Oregon Touchdowns

It was 21-0 when the Cougs finally scored a touchdown and just maybe the day was going to turn around. Not so much. We did no score again until late in the forth quarter when the game was already over. I am a die hard Coug but this season is going to be difficult to watch and I hopefully soon we start to be competitive. Is it bad when the best part of the game was the cheerleaders?

After watching the majority of the game and dreading the long car ride back to Spokompton we left a bit early to miss the slow line of cars up 195. I got back just in time to get a call from Natalie and Greg who were going to a improv comedy show at the Blue Wall. A friend of theirs kid was in the final round of a competition and they had an extra ticket. The groups were hilarious and it is definitely something I would recommend checking out.


Tiffany said...

The fact that I read this entire post is a testament to what an amazing friend I am. I have no idea what any of the things are that you were talking about in regards to your car, and if there's one thing I don't understand more than cars, it's football! Glad you had such a great day though! Sorry the Cougs lost. :( How's the neon running?

jessithompson said...

I think the self-take pics are freaking hilarious!!! Love it!

LORIE said...

LOVE THIS!! Your pictures are great. Do you remember when you first started blogging and Jessi helped you with the photo part of your posts. Now look at you. . . . taking all sorts of pictures!!!! Sounds like a fun weekend. Hopefully I will get to see you soon.

M-Dot said...

Cougs to the end! Yep it sucks but, it always gets better. Sounds like Martin Stadium is really taking shape. Have'nt been down yet but, I feel a road trip coming soon.