Sink or Sink!!!

So I have been all be gone from the blogging world lately. It could be the increased training, the early mornings and long nights or just been lazy and really haven't had to much stuff to post about.

Ironman training is in full form right now. With each week the hours of working out are adding up. Though it is extremely tiring, it is excited to compare where I was last year to where I am now and in all reality, there really is no comparison. My longest run last year was 1:40 minutes...at ANY point before Ironman. This year I have already done at least half a dozen and couldn't be happier. I really felt my run was my weakest link and it is getting stronger with each and every workout.

Even with the unseasonable warm winter, I still find myself stuck on the trainer WAY to much. Whether it's because of work or just bad timing, getting out on the bike mid-week just doesn't seem to be happening. But with daylight savings coming and my Master's swim moving to the mornings...never thought I would be so excited about swimming at 5:30 AM...I see some more outdoor rides in my future.

Speaking of swimming, I think chlorine is starting to run through my veins. With four swims per week, my pool time has been pretty consistent. I still have a ton of work to do, but can't wait to find some open water and see if all the hard work is paying off.

Just the other day, we had to do some crazy skulling drills...that I COMPLETELY sucked at. I am pretty sure you could have tied a boulder to my foot and I would have been able to stay at the surface for longer. It was that horrible.

So here is me explaining how it is suppose to be done...don't worry about listening to the coach right above me who could lap me in a 25.

Here we are suppose to be working on skulling with our hands above our heads. I begin by trying to just float flat on my back...and fail miserably.

I actually got to the point where my hands were actually above my head. You may think that I moved from the previous picture but I can guarantee you that the only person moving was Jessi with the camera.

All in all, the training has been a blast. I am focusing on being as consistent as possible and keeping the eye on the big picture. With 107 days until Ironman, the excitement is just beginning.

Until next time...


Cahlah said...

I am proud of you for being so cheerful even though you are so dog tired! Keep up the great work Steve.

Tiffany said...

Keep it up IronMan! I'm thrilled for you that you are seeing such improvement in your running and that you have been so dedicated to your training. It's all really going to pay off in June!

Matt said...

consistancy is everything, keep it up and you'll have a great season! just no more sinking.. or stinking

Rory Buck said...

Work it until you've got nothing left to give... And then squeeze out a little more, that's the way we roll :-)
Nice work Steve. I'm looking forward to watching you guys race for a change in the summer!

jessithompson said...

You are amazing... I'm glad to get to share some of the journey with you - you hard core B!