Finally Back At It...Ohh yeah and fishnet shirts ROCK!

The week ended on a great note. I was able to finally get some workouts in as I think I am over bronchitis. Thursday after work, I jumped on the bike as Eric and I headed out for a nice 1-hour ride. I was by no means back to 100% but it was sure nice to actually ride and not feel like I was going die. I am happy to report that I left no lungs out on the road.

In an effort to really push the boundaries, I decided getting out for another ride on Friday would probably be better than getting in the pool or going for a run. I just felt it was a little less taxing on my cardiovascular system and with some great company, Jessi and I had a great 1.5 hr ride. I am pretty sure my body was freaking out since I hadn't really done anything over the past two weeks but what the heck, go big or go home. This big break in training is not my idea of how to get ready for Ironman but it was better to rest up and come back with a vengeance.

Friday night was a chance to celebrate Rory Buck's awesome races at Nationals the weekend before. He finished 3rd in the 100 Breaststroke and 2nd in the 200 Breaststroke...the 'Byrd Family' was cheering loud from a couple thousand miles away but was excited to celebrate upon his return.

Heading out on the town.

Waking up Saturday morning was TOUGH...apparently alcoholic beverages and the idea of a long ride don't mix well. Though the fun of Friday night made it worth the headache, it was a struggle to get motivated. Also, I was not quite sure how my body was going to react to the 3+ hour ride...boy was I in for a treat.

Meeting up with the group at Arbor Crest.

Now this is where the ride got interesting to say the least. So we are riding out the centennial trail. With a group of 8 riders, we have to ride in groups of two side by side just to make sure we give room to pass all the families and other people using the trail on such a beautiful day.

So we are out somewhere between the Spokane Valley and the state line and are approaching a small family of three. Just like when passing all the other people, I try to keep a close eye on them to make sure they see us coming so we don't end up with a collision. Except for this time, I will have to say it was VERY easy to keep my eye on them as the chick was wearing a mesh shirt.

Now this isn't your typical see-through shirt that you think you can maybe see something but not quite sure...this was a fishnet shirt. On top of that, she was where only this fishnet shirt. NOTHING ELSE. The twins were out to play and when you have a group of guys...you can only imagine the reaction. (Sorry no pics)

As the internal conversation began with me telling myself, there is no way she was actually be wearing that, it was almost comical that she could actually think that was a good idea. Now do remember that it is still March here and the temperature was maybe hovering in the mid 50's. BRRRR!

Though I think it is completely inappropriate for her to wear such clothing on a public trail where so many families come to enjoy their day...it was the highlight of the ride. The endless conversations, trying to figure out if there was any way we could somehow circle around again and seeing if anyone besides Jessi could remember what she actually looked like made the rest of the ride too much fun.

Chilling out in Liberty Lake.

It was such a great ride and SO nice to finally be back at it. I had spent way to much time in front of the TV and to just have the opportunity to get outside and finally be working out again, sure makes life that much more fun.

One a brief side note, this weekend also brought the 3 month countdown to Ironman. If I said I was as scared as I was last year I would be lying...to say that I am not freaking out about how close it is getting, I would also be lying. The journey is just beginning and it is going to be one heck of a ride. I can't wait and look forward to pushing the limits once again.

Until next time...


Rory Buck said...

Don't know how you got up to ride on Saturday morning... Ouch!
You will be fine by the time Ironman gets here, you going to rock that thang... Carla and I may even put on a mesh shirt!

Carla said...

Haha haha haha! Indeed! Glad to see you are back on track Steve. Have no doubt in my mind that you are cooked for getting up Saturday morning for a 3+ hour ride. You're out of your mind son.

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

I'm so happy you're back at it...mostly because I like my couch and I was starting to miss it. ;)

I'm very excited that IronFanning it for you is only 3 months away! You are going to rock that race!

jessithompson said...

So glad to have my training partner back, B!!! The ride was pretty hilarious - as were the reactions of all of you boyz! Good times and many more to come!