Goodbye Washington :( Hello California :)

Well it has been almost 2 months since I left my position at Land Expressions and started a new job at GU Energy. It was a crazy couple of weeks trying to get everything packed and figure out exactly how I was going to get down to California. There was the task of packing everything I needed on a pallet and getting that shipped, loading up everything else in the car and making the trek to the Bay Area.

I was just hoping it would make it to CA in one piece!

The drive down was pretty uneventful and I can tell you one thing…sitting in a car for 14+ hours and driving straight through was one LONG day. My butt was sore for almost a week…probably should have got out and stretched a few more times but it was all about making good time and I wasn't about to let me slow me down :)

There were some awesome views (The Columbia River, Mt. Shasta, Northern California) and some EXTREMELY boring stretches of road…basically ALL of central Oregon.

I thought this was a pretty awesome view too ;)
As soon as I got down here things were moving pretty fast. Arrived on Wednesday night, met with my future roommate on Thursday afternoon, met with the landlord on Friday morning and was moved in by Friday night. It was a crazy 48 hours but I was able to sleep in my bed Friday night and have the weekend to prepare to start my new job on Monday.

A little social gathering...
My coworkers here at GU Energy have been great. They have made me feel welcome from day one with invitations to celebrate a few company events even before I started. I knew the move was going to be tough but I have fortunately joined a company that has really helped me adjust to my new surroundings.
A view of the Bay Area- San Franciso in the background!
The riding here has been absolutely AMAZING…but that is for another post. I will leave you with a picture of just one of the many views that you get in the bay area.