Tour of California Stage 4- Heading to the Finish!!!

Today I am heading up to watch the finish line today's Stage 4 of the Tour of California as GU Energy is a sponsor of Team Radioshack and a few other teams and riders in the tour. I have only ever seen professional bike racing on TV. I know I won't get to see all the action unfold as the approach the line, but to be at the finish line and experience the atmosphere will be pretty awesome.

Today's Stage 4 goes from Livermore to San Jose and is 81.8 miles long. There has 2 major climbs that will kick your butt. One that is 4.3 miles long with an average 8.4% grade and a second that is 3.5 miles long with an average of 9.4% grade.

Now some might just jump in there car and head to where they are going to watch the race...but not here at GU. In true form, we will jump on our bikes and ride approximately 30 miles to the finish line, watch the end of the stage and then ride back.

I am actually pretty excited about this, well except for what I hear is an absolutely BRUTAL climb at the end. It is about 1400 feet of elevation change. Unfortunately we will not be riding up the same course that the race will be held on but the backside of the same steep pitch. I hope I heard everyone wrong when they said it was steeper than the actually course...

This is where I sure wish I had a road bike, as my tri bike is made for speed...not climbing mountains but whatcha gonna do. Probably cry like a little baby... :)

One of the 2- 4lb bags of GU
I hope to get some cool pictures and have one great experience heading down there with 7 of my co-workers. Ohh and in case you thought this was just for fun, we do get to haul 8lbs of the new Chocolate Raspberry Roctane GU up there to hand out. This is going to be crazy...


Tiffany said...

Sounds like a great day at the office! Have fun, Keven!