Michelin Krylion Carbon- Bulletproof...Just not Stapleproof

Michelin Krylion Carbon
I stumbled onto these tires looking for something that could withstand the tough roads around my hometown of Spokane and have continue to use them down here in California. I do a fair amount of city and rural road riding along with plenty of miles put in along side highways. These are prime locations for anything and everything to collect that could give you a flat tire.

Now I would like to think that it was my amazing abilities and superscope vision that has left me flat free for the last 2 years but I highly doubt that is the case...I am good, just not that good ;) I have to give credit where credit is due and I honestly believe it is these tires.

A Souvenir...or not
Just today I got my first flat tire in as long as I can remember. The culprit, well it was a heavy duty staple that someone decided to leave on the side of the road and I just happen to find that exact spot they left it and thought it might fun...or not so fun to get off and have to fix a flat.

You probably have your own favorites and maybe you had a bad run of luck with these tires but to go on as many rides as I have, on the roads that I have, and the harsh conditions I have...these tires have been amazing. I actually replaced my last set before ever getting a flat... not one and like I said I would like to think it is because I am so awesome but let's be real. Now I probably just jinxed myself but triathletes aren't supersitious...right ;)

Back up and riding...Rain in the morning and Sun in the afternoon
So if you are in the market for a great training tire that can 'roll' with the punches, might I suggest you pick up a set of these. With a relatively low cost, high reward and come in quite a few colors if you are all about accessorizing your ride.