I am replacing this post with an apology to everyone in our club. At no time do I want people to not realize how grateful I am to be a member. What was written was not the way to handle my bad day. These last few weeks have been extremely crazy and things around me have been rather difficult. I think I just had a bad attitude at the end of the day and took it out in my post. I am really not sure why I took the approach I did but I realize that it was completely wrong.

I have left the comments that were posted because I feel that everyone's response is very important to how I move forward from this moment. I hope that this does not ruin the many great relationships I have built over the last year. I look forward to continuing this journey and it wouldn't be the same without you all. I hope you will underestand and I am truely looking forward to the next opportunity to hang out. Once again I am sorry.


Michael W. Bergquist said...

I completely understand your frustration. The group dynamics of triathlon is changing. It's probably a lot more frustrating for you after having been such a regular participant in group activities. Your goals will keep you going whether others are there or not. Amanda and I have training here in Medical Lake every week from May to October. We make it interesting and fun. You're welcome to join us whenever you'd like. We have a small to medium sized group, but more is better, like you pointed out.

Hundrey said...

Sorry I didn't finish work till after 6 :( and I ended up with an injury after bloomsday and I'm rehabing then I had the flu last week too. So I wasn't up to the ride and Jay well he nurses me well and forgets himself no matter what I tell him.
We were there in Spirit :)
We have been missing group stuff too. I also think for some of us we all are starting yard work late and gardens so once that's done maybe more people will come.
Keep training Hard You'll due great at Onionman !

Michelle and Jay

Sheena said...

ooo. ya you're right. I've been asked numerous times how many people are in TriFusion...well, I answer with the 120 but how many are "active"? Who's to say? Anyway, I'm equally bummed that I miss out on Tuesdays now that I'm playing softball. You should come whitness some mullet-butt whuppin! (these women are large and they have mullets to match...scary!)

Roger Thompson said...

Geeze, a majority of a blog post dedicated to pissing and moaning that people did not show up to ride with you other than the 8 that did... 8 people to ride with? Are you kidding? That's a pretty good group in reality. Considering most the time you ride by yourself, that is 8 times the amount you normally ride with.

If you want people to show up, I don't think ostracizing a group, or shaming them, will be the ticket to get more people to show.

As we roll into the months of May and June, and people are finishing school, getting ready for summer, taking part in their first races, they have to make sacrifices. It's just a part of life.

The weekend swims have been a little light too. But don't forget that we have an incredibly active club... active in events like Wildflower and Bloomsday. Should those people who showed up at the swim on that day get mad because there were only 5 people? No, they recognize that there are things going on now that we have to make choices in doing.

So, your statement about questioning an 'active' membership, or rather as you insinuate, and 'inactive' membership, I think it's quite the opposite. We have a super active membership right now. And I bet once late June hits, or July, you will see things come together once again.

Don't forget that there may have been a 'couple' workouts that you inadvertently missed too. It's just the way life goes. It's not the end of the world.


Michael W. Bergquist said...

You'll bounce back and so will the training. Don't forget about races. They're the best group training around. I know you're already aware how lucky you are to live near so many other athletes. We've got slim pickins' out here on the West plains. We've learned to embrace the solo training :).

Tiffany said...


I'm glad you decided to change this post. You are right, our club is AMAZING and the people in it go out of their way to help others all the time. We are really lucky to be a part of such an incredible group. :)

Hundrey said...

Jay and I didn't take offense... We were just trying to give an explination.
Besides, this is your Blog you Should be able to write what you feel. It let's you vent and that's how people in our group can help.
By being supportive seeing your frustration and offering words of encouragement.
Keep on keepn on you're doing fine ;)

See ya' at the meeting!

Michelle and Jay