Thursday's Brick and Dinner

Today’s workout was going to consist of a group ride leaving the Thompson’s house with a small brick afterwards. Our group consisted of Roger, Tim, Jessi, Eric and I. After the brief climb out of the Thompson’s neighborhood it was on. I really should have expected this after Roger came out with his new Zipp disk and I believe 808 on the front. Eric and I were able to keep up for the first few miles and then they began to pull away. I am always amazed on how fast the front riders seem to disappear. I have to give it up to Jessi and Tim for hanging on Roger’s wheel, those two were definitely hardcore.

Eventually I pulled away from Eric and was riding all by myself again. SWEET! Overall my legs felt pretty good and I think I almost average 20 mph. I have noticed that after about 10 miles my legs start to get in a grove and usually start to feel pretty good. I was really hoping to run with Jessi and Tim but when I returned they had already left. I need the short brick so I headed off to try and find them. I found Jessi on her way back and joined her for the mile or so home. I was excited about how good my legs felt after the 20 mile ride and can’t wait until the next race to see the progress. After the ride we all joined up for some awesome lasagna and spaghetti pie prepared by Jessi. The food was awesome even Tim’s oatmeal cookies, if you want the recipe he has it memorized, just ask him:) The of course in true Tri-Fusion fashion the picture taking began. TEAM A+ (Jessi, Tiffany and Tim) were together for the first time and they had to take a group photo. Normally a group photo consists of everyone standing together and smiling, NOT in our group. As Tiffany handed me her camera, I began to click away. I am not sure if they realized it but I am pretty sure I took over 100 pictures between the planning stages and the final product. Take a look at their blogs for a full recap. It was pretty hilarious throughout and I am pretty sure by the end TEAM A+ had one more member, Lloyd. He was in almost every picture. We finished off the night watching the hilarious show “The Office”. Gotta love group workouts.


jessithompson said...

This was a great night all the way around. Thanks for coming over to share in it with us! Lots of laughs... as always. :)

Trish said...

Totally fun evening! I felt pretty cool rolling in with you at the end of the ride! I finally got to finish with one of the high rollers :)

Tiffany said...

Nice job on your ride. Just remember that when the front group pulls away from you, I'm still out there somewhere, WAY behind you! :)

Thanks for being our photographer! What a blast!