Week Before!

The week leading up to my Boise 70.3 race was pretty hectic. I was trying to get in a couple of good rides to get more comfortable in aero on my bike and one last wetsuit swim in Liberty Lake since I had only used it once.

Tuesday’s BLT was nice to get one last long ride. I know my fitness really isn’t going to change over this week but I have been struggling to stay in aero and I wanted to ride the majority of the loops in aero to build some confidence. The first loop I rode with Tiffany and the second I joined the group for the majority of the ride. My legs were feeling good and I felt pretty strong in aero so that was a plus.

Wednesday I drove out to Liberty Lake to join a few Tri-Fusion members for their weekly swim. I really didn’t want to swim too far but I knew that it would be important to get more comfortable in my wetsuit. I think I was in the water for about 15 minutes which was just about perfect.

Thursday was an epic ride from the Thompson’s house that I am pretty sure I will never forget. As I was heading over there after work all I could see were dark dark clouds forming in the western skies. I had a feeling that it might rain a bit but this wouldn’t be the first time I had rode in a few sprinkles, so what the heck.

The funniest part of this photo was Llyod, the Thompson's dog. He ran out as Natalie was getting ready to take the picture, stopped and posed and then ran away as soon as the flash went off. He is definitely a Thompson. Nobody even called his name. Hilarious!
As soon as we got rolling down the rode the skies opened up with rain coming down and the lighting was a nice little touch to top it all off. The ride was fun but I would like to compare it to setting your trainer up in your bathtub, turning on the shower and sitting under the water for an hour as you peddle away. I do have to admit that I had fun out on the ride and would definitely do it again. This picture is the second time I rung out my jersey after the ride. It was WET!After the ride we enjoyed some awesome lasagna and I was able to pick Roger’s mind about a few more triathlon tips. I would also like to thank Cameron Smith, a new Tri-Fusion member, for taking my bike up to the south hill and saved me about an hour of driving and a huge hassle off my mind.

This was a pretty long week but it has been a ton of training to get to this point and lets hope the race goes well.


jessithompson said...

That ride, although majorly wet, was epic and memorable. I was laughing out loud at your analogy which was dead on. I'd definitely be in for another ride again! It was a fun night afterwards too and I enjoyed all the conversation and good food. Can't wait to read the RR for Boise.

Tiffany said...

This winter, I am definitely setting up my trainer in my bathtub and turning on the shower. That way, I will be ready for spring riding! LOL! That was pretty funny. Way to tough out that ride in the downpour! Can't wait to read your race report!

Trish said...

I am glad you survived your hectic week! I'm not sure which you should be more tired from...the week before, or the actual race! I thought about doing that ride on Thursday, but now that I know there was lighning, I am SO glad I didn't! Way to tough out a little rain!