Busy Saturday

My day began by heading out to my parents place to hang out and eat a big breakfast before race day. As I pulled up my dad was already cleaning up the property and so I jumped in to help. When you live out in the sticks you really need to make sure you take care of your property for fire season. Recently my dad purchased a tree pruner so I began limbing up the trees. Once the limbs are down we throw them on the fire and watch them burn. Ever since I was a kid I have always liked fire.
As I headed back to town I was able to run over and catch little Emma’s soccer game. I missed last weeks but it is always a treat to watch those little munchkins run around. This time I got to see Emma score a good and her team played awesome.
Since I was unable to join Jessi for a ride this morning and to not hear a guilt trip I decided I would go for a quick ride before he headed downtown to get out Bloomsday numbers. I didn’t want to tire my legs to much but since yesterday didn’t involve a workout I knew it would be good to get out and stretch my legs. Recently it feels like you are walking out the door naked because of the warm weather. We spent months layering up the clothes and now all you need is shorts and a jersey. Gotta love nice weather. The ride went well and I am feeling more and more comfortable on the new bike.
I met up with Jessi, Emma, Tim and Andy to head down to the convention center to pick up our numbers. I am not really a crowd person but it is always fun to head down and hang out with such great people. I was fortunate enough to sit next to Miss Emma on the way down. She thought it was just too funny when I wore Jessi’s glasses. After picking up our numbers we walked around all the booths and ran into quite a few Tri-Fusionites. We also came across this awesome shirt, GOTTA LOVE TRIATHLONS!! On the way back we had a great hold your breath challenge. Emma thought she was so tricky when she would keep her cheeks full and breath out her nose. Too funny. What would the day be without some sort of competition? We decided to see who could hold their breath the longest and I am pretty sure I won with 1:19. Whoo Hoo:)

I finished off the day heading over to a birthday party and I am pretty proud of myself for not having a beer. I was home and in bed before 10. How lame have these dang race made me? Had to get a good nights rest before the race. I will do my best to write a pretty details race report. Stay tuned!


jessithompson said...

I have to give you some major props for being so sweet to lil missy. She simply adores you and feels so special when you come to her games and take the time to really interact with her. It means a lot to Roger and I too - many, many thanks from all of us!

Fun time at the expo and dinner. I just wished we had really gone for the Bloomies tattoo and body piercing special that night. Nothing says Bloomsday like permanent ink and barbells through your body parts.

Trish said...

It was fun to watch Emma's game with you! Good job getting a ride in :) I am impressed that you gone one in mid-day on a Saturday! If I don't do it first thing in the morning on the weekend, it doesn't happen. Hope you had fun at Bloomsday! Did you do it sub-50?

Tiffany said...

I love that you jumped out of the car to give your dad a hand. Sounds like something my hubby would do. We lived with his parents for a while and those burn piles made me so nervous! I would get up in the middle of the night just to be sure they were still just smoldering and not spreading!

Sounds like you had a fun afternoon with the crew as well as Emma. You are very sweet to her! :)

LOVE the triathlon shirt! Please tell me you bought it! It will go so well with PW! Ha ha!