I am really not sure what the post will be all about but it is going to get a bit of frustration off my chest. I recently developed some lingering knee pain that was probably instigated by the increase in volume of my training in the past couple of months. I was really starting to enjoy seeing many of my race results improve and now I feel like I am back at the beginning. It really sucks when you are getting so close and everything starts to fall apart.

This isn’t a typical knee pain that you might get from a strained muscle or pulled tendon. Throughout each day I feel great. I have no discomfort or pain and it only begins after 30-60 minutes of running or biking. Now for some people that is not a problem but when you are training for a half-ironman, short workouts really don’t help much. It really sucks because 95% of the day when people ask how the knee is all I can say is it is just fine. There is no pain or discomfort with my day to day tasks so the answer always comes out as, Feels Great!

After a quick trip to the doctor I received some positive news that orthotics would be the answer but the pain is still there and rest is the next step. I am now in the process of taking an entire week off and hoping that rest will help relieve some of the stress on the tendon and it will begin to make a recovery. A friend of mine noticed last weekend how I can’t sit still (surprise for a triathlete huh), I always have to be doing something. Well when you can’t bike or run and since housework sucks, I have been going absolutely crazy.

My only saving grace is that I still get to swim. I joined the local Master’s swim team and have been excited to see how much my stroke and speed has improved. If waking up at 5:00 AM once or twice a week and even sometimes 3 times a week wasn’t tough enough, we really get our butts kicked in these workouts. I definitely have to give a shout out to Tiffany and Jessi because if it weren’t for them, I am pretty sure once a week would have been the norm. After a summer of hard work in the pool the results really starting to show. I am looking forward to continuing to work with the Master’s swim team and can’t wait to see how it translates at World Championships 70.3 in Clearwater, on November 8th.

During our "Kill" sets, fun but tough.

After our "Kill Sets", we kicked some ass!

Bear Lake Open Water Swimming

Really not sure what I am doing in this picture (maybe the robot??)

I am hoping once this knee realizes that I have a lot of things I need to accomplish before November and the fact that next year it gets to haul me around the Ironman course, it will get it’s act in gear and start giving an A+ effort. Because right now this is completely unacceptable and pretty soon I may need to start looking into trading it in for a new one.

The plan for next week is to begin my training again and I plan to keep the updates going until World Championships 70.3 and beyond as I start my training for Ironman 2009.

Over and out!!


jessithompson said...

Hang in there A+! This injury thing is TOUGH mentally and physically. Be patient Daniel son - there's a lot more coming down the road.

Thanks for all the amazing swims. You push me a lot which is fun and also makes me better. You're really rockin' it in the water and have come a long way since the start of the season. Way to stick with it. Just imagine what you'll be doin' when you're training stays on track - you're gonna be deadly!

Keep your chin up...

Tiffany said...

Word! Knee problems are the biggest pain in the butt! I'm right there with you, except I can only run for about 6 minutes before mine starts to hurt. It's hard to stay positive in times like this, but it WILL get better and pretty soon you'll be wishing for a week off when your Ironman training starts to get really intense!

Thank YOU for all of the awesome swims. I never would have made it there were it not for the 2 of you. And you are right, you have made HUGE strides in your swimming. It's been pretty cool to watch.

Hang in there, B!

Matt said...

Just hang in there, you'll be back smoking Tim before you know it! I know how frustrating injures can be, like your doing, focus on the swim! maybe some good ol aqua jogging... Good luck. You got the right doc for the job.

LORIE said...

Steve, sending healing and peaceful thoughts your way. I certainly understand frustration. Good to honor it and then let it go. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thanks for your comments on my blog.