Give Me Smore!! YUM

Even though my training has been slim to none, I have still had an appetite fit for a triathlon king. I am doing my best to watch how much I eat but hunger seems to always get in the way. This weekend I think I may have over indulged just a bit. After eating way too much cake from Cold Stone on Friday, a few of us decided it would be a good idea to see who can invent the best smores. Over the summer there have been some crazy ideas from Oreo cookies in place of graham crackers to even using sourdough bread (the word is this is not good).

So Saturday night I stopped at the store and picked up what I thought would be an amazing smores. First stop was in the ice cream isle to pick up some Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and then to the candy isle for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Now I know this isn’t the healthiest snack but I freaking love ice cream and if you know me well, I can’t ever pass anything up with peanut butter involved.

So here are the steps to an AMAZING smores.

Step #1- Cut Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich in half through the ice cream (kind of like splitting an Oreo)
Step #2- Place Reese’s next to fire between to graham crackers to start melting the chocolate. The chocolate must be warm for the full effect.

Step #3- Roast a marshmallow until golden brown and the inside is nice and soft. You must be patience, DO NOT stick it in the fire and the blow it out. That is not roasting!!
Step #4- Place melted Reese’s and graham cracker on one slice of Skinny Cow.

Step #5- Place thee marshmallow between the graham crackers on the Reese’s. Just like a regular smore.

Step #6- Put the other slice of the Skinny Cow on the top and ENJOY!

This has to be my favorite so far. The contrast between the cold and soft ice cream, warm chocolate and marshmallow, crunchy graham cracker and of course the flavor of peanut butter was fantastic.

Please eat these at your own risk (it is a bit messy). It also may be difficult to have just one.

Hey and let me know what you think.


Tiffany said...

Are you kidding me? I cannot believe I missed out on this! That is one seriously extreme smore! You really should have provided pictures of you eating it. That would have been the best picture!

jessithompson said...

Um... the funniest part was watching Steve eat this with his mouth packed full, ice cream dripping down his arms, while simultaneously trying to lick the melted chocolate off his fingers... all while explaining all about the "cold, hot, cold" "oh my god this is so good"... he literally was in heaven.

Although this s'more scored high on taste, it scored low for mess and intense preparation. Steve scored high for being a friggin' riot while devouring it.

Fun night... by the way, my s'more creation rocked. It was simple yet divine. Graham crackers, dark chocolate, marshmallow and fresh strawberries... (under 175 calories). I am a genius!!!

Michael W. Bergquist said...

Being a sugar powered athlete, I have a hard time reading things like this and not heading to the store for a heavy dose of sugar. Thanks a lot steve ;0).

M-Dot said...

That sounds like somthing I would do. Next time "Cast Iron Gut Steve" lol try this.
Roast marshmellows as you described (the only way to do it they must be brown not flame engulffed get a banana, crunchy pb or almond butter made from FredMeyer's, your fa. candy bar ours when roasting are usually hershey's almond or Mr. Goodbar and a Chocolate Grahm. Spread PB/ALmndbutter on both slices of grahams, slice your banana into thin slices, place chocolate on top of one graham again next to fire to get the gooey warm chocolate going and place the banana slices on the other graham. Roast the Mallow and put on the chocolate side on cover with the banana on top. Heaven!
I've never tried icecream though. Amazing what your body wants even when the workouts aren't happening and the cravings are just down and out undeniable (sp?)
Any way get better soon! Take care
M and J

LORIE said...

YUMMY! I am sooo doing this with my kids. Thanks for the recipe (?). I miss you. I hope to make Oktoberfest and of course the end of the year party!!! See you then!